3 Reasons Why I’ve Never Straightened My Girls Natural Hair


Two months ago, I asked viewers on my Youtube channel, to ask me any question. One of the questions I got asked was why I haven’t straightened my hair or my girls’ natural hair. What an interesting question! To answer the question, here are 3 main reasons why we have never straightened our natural hair.

1st Reason: FEAR

What am I afraid of? I’m afraid of Heat Damage! Over the years of been a blogger and researcher of natural hair care, I’ve seen and read about many naturals who tried to straighten their hair for the first time, only to end up with strands of straight hair that does not revert back after washing it. This single mistake resulted in a major set back in their hair journey because they either had to do a mini chop or transition back to their glorious curls. Now I understand that there are precautionary steps that we can take to avoid this set back, however, I don’t think it’s worth all the hassle. So WHY RISK IT?


Last weekend while washing Lil Sis’s hair, I asked her if she wanted her hair straightened. She answered and said “will my hair still be curly?”. How funny! So as you can see, we are totally in LOVE with our natural curls and so I’m pretty sure that we’ll miss it if we ever decide to straighten it.

Lil Sis on Wash Day


To get the straightened look, we understand that there are other heatless ways we can use to temporarily achieve a stretched style. Our favourite method is the African Threading method. For a tutorial on how to thread your hair, please click this link for a video tutorial. Another method we like to use to stretch our hair is with hair rollers which we use to set our hair and then gently comb the hair out.

Lil Sis in African Threading

Since we’re too scared to damage our beautiful tresses with heat, knowing that there are heatless methods to use such as African threading, we will continue to love our curls and opt for curly hairstyles such as two strand twists, corn rows, flat twists and up-dos.

Have you ever straightened your hair or your daughters hair? What were your experiences like? If you’ve never taken the plunge, could you share some of the reasons why? 




  • Aww, it’s sweet that they love their curls! I only straighten my 5 yrs old’s hair once a year around the holidays. It always reverts back well because I take super care of it all year. I had to first get over the fear myself of damaging her hair, but it hasn’t gotten damaged! 😉 http://www.youtube.com/curlsofinnocence

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. I am so glad that you have been able to straighten your daughter’s hair with no damage.

  • Catherine O

    Lol at “will my hair still be curly”

  • Anisah

    Ok, I totally understand the person asking… but I think you left out the best reason of NOT bothering to straighten one’s hair. WHY fake it? Really? I rarely see anyone ask a straight haired person “Why don’t you perm your hair”? “It would look so much better”. I am mixed (by numerous generations of mixin’) and I have curly hair (or as my dad called it “hindu hair” or “rat’s nest”). I grew up with a household pressuring me t conform to a white hair style & so they kept cutting it off into boyish hair cuts because they hated my curls! I love my curls. Yeh sometimes I hate humidity…but not my curls. I think the whole “Straighten” culture comes from the shame factor of hiding anything and everything that represents Blackness. Lets get real here… the curls are the most significant feature that continues thru numerous generations Resilently! I’m an example of that! It was a gift from my great-great grandma Elizabeth Augusta Bice (Larkins) and I thank her for it. No need t feel we need to straighten our hair! Be proud you got it… be proud you got HAIR! Love the curls and the kinks in all their rebellious glory.