5 Critical Natural Hair Problems & What To Do About Them

5 CRITICAL NATURAL HAIR PROBLEMS & WHAT TO DO ABOUT THEMThere’s a reason why there are so many resources catered for natural hair. The truth is that, if there aren’t any problems, there wouldn’t be a need for someone to come up with a solution for the problem.

So in today’s post, I will be sharing 5 critical issues that many Naturalistas face on a regular basis.  I will also be sharing some tips on what I do to remedy these problems.

Problem #1: Breakage

Breakage is listed first on here because it’s the number one reason why many Black women just can’t get their hair to grow longer than the length it’s been stuck at for several years. Breakage is also another reason why many women have been led to believe that their hair grows slowly or that their hair can only grow to a certain length. In other words, you can call breakage an “Enemy of Progress”.

Solution: To tackle breakage, the main thing that you must do is to ensure that your hair stays moisturized for as long as possible. Dry hair will break off, even if it’s in a protective style. However, when it’s soft, bouncy and healthy, it’s more resilient to breakage.

To moisturize your hair, ensure that you use a good leave-in conditioner and remember to seal the product in with a good sealant. Keeping your hair moisturized for a longer period of time actually requires a plan that you must factor into your regimen.


Problem #2: Shed Hair

This actually isn’t a problem as it’s a natural process that happens during the 4 stages of hair growth. The only time when this would be a problem is when it’s excessive. For instance, if you notice that chunks of your hair is falling off than normal, then it would be in your best interest to go see your medical physician. Excessive hair shedding could be a sign of a medical symptom that might need an immediate attention.

I personally find shed hair to be a nuisance on wash days, because it gets all over my hands when I’m trying to apply products in my hair, and this can sometimes slow things down. Shed hair can also be a problem when the piece of shed hair get tangled with another strand of hair that is still in tact. Depending on how entangled the hair gets, you might need to cut that tangled portion of hair.

Solution: None, except to pick up the hair that falls off and throw them in the garbage, or if you’re a collector like myself, you could keep them for “analytic purposes”.


Problem #3: Tangles

Do you know what happens when you put more than one coil spring in a box without putting anything in-between them to keep them apart? They get jumbled together!

See, that’s exactly what happens when natural hair is left loose for long periods of time. When the hair is left loose, it will intertwine with each other to form tangles, which can lead to knots and eventually breakage.

Solution: Put your hair in a “bounded” hairstyle. This means that you bound large sections of your hair together, so that each individual hair strand is restricted from moving around and forming tangles all over the place.


Problem #4: Single Stranded Knots (SSKs)

After breakage, SSKs are also another enemy of progress when it comes to hair growth. Single stranded knots are formed when a single strand of hair somehow manages to coil around itself towards the end of the hair to form knots. These knots are then more likely to form knots with neighboring hair, leading to breakage.

Solution: The main solution here is to trim those annoying ends off, Since SSKs mostly form at the ends of the hair, the best way to prevent them is to make sure that the ends of your hair are healthy. Another solution is to keep your hair in a protective style as often as possible, so that the ends of your hair won’t have the freedom to do whatever it wants. And lastly, I’ll advise that you wash your hair in sections, rather than washing it loose.

Problem #5: Split Ends

Ahh, split ends. The most annoying hair problem ever known to mankind. At least in my own opinion. If you think that breakage is an enemy of progress when it comes to hair growth, split ends must be their king! The reason for this is that when a piece of hair breaks off, the remaining piece of hair that`s left can continue to grow, without being affected by the broken piece of hair that`s on the floor. However when a strand of hair splits into two or thinner strands, this split end will progress into splitting ends where by the hair will continue splitting all the way towards the root. The relentless efforts of split ends to bring everyone down is the main reason why it’s recommended that you get rid of them before they affect the rest of the healthy portion of your hair.


Solution: Cut them off! The same way that you can`t fix a “bad apple”, you also can’t fix split ends. While split ends can’t be avoided, you can however minimize them by ensuring that your ends are moisturized, seal and protected.


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