9 Canadian Websites for Natural Hair Care Products

Based on the responses received from a previous post on 10 places to get natural hair products in Canada and my promise to make another list solely on online beauty supplies, here are 9 online stores that sells natural hair products in Canada. If you happen to live in a secluded area where the Black population or natural hair community is very few, your only resort might be online stores such as the ones below. So, in no particular order, here are 9 MORE stores, based on the responses that I received from your comments in the OTHER post. Please leave additional links in the comment box below for websites that I didn’t include on here.



1. Roots to Curls: I am excited to list this newly launch company first because I personally met the co-owners of the company at the Toronto Natural Hair & Beauty Show in September. Sophia and Janet are two naturalistas, long time friends and in-laws who started this e-store out of the necessity for increased product selection for Canadian Naturalistas. This website carries current and in-demand product lines such as Anita Grant, Wonder Curl, Obia Natural, TGIN, and Koils by Nature just to name a few. Their product line is still growing and will soon include the Coils & Glory line (wink wink). This website is more than a store, Sophia and Janet also have a blog section where they provide healthy hair care tips to their customers and readers. These ladies are on social media, so be sure to check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@rootstocurls) for sales and promotions.


2. Curl Bar: Though this is a salon, curl bar, like many other salons also sells hair products which their customers can purchase to take home with them. If you happen to be a Mane Captain like myself and would rather style your hair at home, you can still purchase highly raved natural hair products from this store if you happen to be in the downtown Toronto area. But since this is a post for Canadian Naturals who has to shop online for hair products, curl bar has an online section where you can purchase products such as Jessi Curl, Kinky Curly, Uncle Funky’s Daughter, Deva Curl and even Raw Shea Butter. By the way, first time customers can get 15% off on their first purchase on the site!

3. Beautiful Black Hair is an online beauty supply store which has pretty much everything you would go to your local beauty supply store. For anyone living outside of Toronto or the GTA where Black beauty services are rare or non-existent,  this is probably the best website to go to. The natural hair care section on the website has major hair line such as Alikay Naturals, Curl Junkie, Karen Body Beautiful, just to name a few.  And if shipping is an issue when it comes to online shopping, this website, offers free shipping on orders over $100.

4. Canada Beauty Supply: Although their natural hair care product line isn’t as vast as beautiful black hair, this online beauty supply store has product lines such as Jessicurl, Curl Junkie and Curls.


5. Hair Cues carries products such as Jessi Curl, Shea Moisture, Deva Curl, Kinky Curly and the Q-Redew hand held steamer. They also offer a flat rate shipping of $8.95 on orders over $100. Hair cues is owned by Lisa H, who is also another naturalista 🙂

6. Kunique offers products such as Shea Moisture, Jessicurl, Curls and the Tropic Isle Living products. This website probably has one of the most reasonable prices on hair products online.

7. Queens Beauty Supply is a beauty supply store in Brampton which also has an online store. They carry products such as Carols Daughter, Uncle Funky’s and Kinky Curly products.

8. Afro Hair Store: is a store located in Vancouver! So if you’re in the Vancouver area, make sure you stop by to check them out. They also have a salon where they do hair. For anyone trying to curb their product junkiness, you’ll be content with the limited selection of natural hair products that they offer since they only sell Mixed Chicks, Tropic Isle and the Kinky Curly hair product line. The best part of shopping at their online store is the FREE shipping on orders over $25!

9. Amazon.ca: How can I forget the nation’s largest e-commerce store? A quick search on the website will direct you to individual retailers who are selling your favourite hair products. The only difference between the Canadian website and the American one is that shipping isn’t always free and cheap since these products are being sold by stores independent of Amazon.

This list and the other one will eventually be combined together in one big post under a directory section on the website for easy retrieval. 

Am I missing any website? Please leave the link below in the comment box. Also, if you know of a beauty supply store in your area that sells natural hair products, please leave their name and address below. Thanks 🙂