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Happy Sunday! Back again with your weekly natural hair tips.

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This week’s downloadable natural hair tips is all about hair tools and general hair care.  As always, let me know what your favourite hair tips are.

#36. Bad hair brushes and bad brushing can cause dry hair. Get rid of brushes with jagged bristles.

#37. Daily Supplements that are rich in B vitamins, folic acid, magnesium, sulfur, silica, zinc and/or beta-carotene are great for healthy hair.


 Fine hair is usually driest on the ends, so focus your conditioner application on these dry areas. 10 #39. Save time on wash days by deep conditioning your hair overnight. 11 #40. Water is good for internally and externally for hair. Make sure you hydrate your hair internally & externally. 12 #41. Oils do not moisturize the hair, they coat the hair with a protective shield that seals in moisture. 13 #42. Frequent trims will keep your hair looking healthy, polished and free of dry, split ends. 14

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