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10 Nighttime Natural Hairstyles

I don’t like to wear my hair out that often because I really don’t feel like spending the extra time every morning styling my hair and then having to spend another 30 min-1 hour putting it away at night. Although I have to admit that I enjoy the variety of styles that i’m able to put my hair in when it’s out.

If you have medium to long hair, you might be looking for easy ways to put your hair away at night. The hairstyles that I choose to wear to bed is often dependent on the style that I plan to wear the next morning, as well as the time that i’m willing to spend on my hair that night.
So below, I’ve listed 10 different styles that our hair can be styled in for bed. As usual, you can either choose to wear a satin bonnet or scarf to protect the style or you could sleep on a satin pillow case instead. 

1) Chunky Twists: I do this style when I want a textured style such as a twist out, afro puff twist out or textured pin up the following day.

2) Plaits: I rarely do this style as it takes a while, but I will plait my hair at night if I’m going for a stretched “out” style or a smoother textured style.

3) Chunky Flat Twists: I would do this for a wavy look or any hairstyle that only requires partially stretched hair.


4) Corn Rows: I would do this when I plan to wear a smooth and stretched look the following day.

5) Rod Sets: I rarely do this because it takes time but I often use these rollers to stretch out my twists and to give it a bit of a curl.

6) Bantu Knots: This is my go to night time hairstyle because it keeps my roots stretched.

7)  Bun: A really simple lazy hairstyle. I only do this on already stretched hair from the day’s hairstyle and if I plan to wear another stretched style the following day.

8) African Threading: this takes a while to do, so I don’t do it often. I do this style if i plan to wear a smooth and stretched up-do the following day.

9) Pineappling / Puff: I’ve never tried this method because I prefer to keep all my hair stretched at night. This style will be the most suitable for type 3 hair or really moisturized type 4 hair. My hair takes the shape it’s put in, so it wouldn’t work for me, unless I plan to wear a puff the next day.

entire hair is gathered on the crown, only works for med length to long hait
10) Scarf: I do this on lazy nights, especially if I had worn a stretched style such as a roll, tuck and pin and I just don’t feel like taking it down.

There you have it, 10 different ways to wear your hair to bed.
Which styles do you wear to bed?