16 Ways to Accesorize Your Afrokids Natural Hair This Summer

(Last Updated On: August 15, 2014)

Summer time is a time when we tend to pay more attention to the way we dress, it’s also a time packed with festivities and celebrations which sometimes calls for the addition of accessories to one’s look. Aside from colorful beads and barrettes, there are also many different types of hair accessories which are available to kids as well. These accessories are suitable for all hair textures and length, although the number or sizes or types of accessories chosen will be dependent on personal preference and occasion.
In this post, I have compiled a few pictures from Pintrest to get you started.

Cornrows + Bow

Afro Puff + Large Bow Headband 

Cornrows + Hair Doughnut 

Loose Headband

Coily Brooch 

Headband with Afro 

Afro Puff + Large Bow

Afro + Head wrap Band

Afro + Sunflower

Med Length Afro + Flower Brooch
Short Afro + Flower Headband

Big Afro + Oversize Headband
Long  Curly Fro + Small Bow
Head Wrap
High Puff + Oversize Hair Fascinator 
High Puff + Silky Colorful Headwrap

Are there other hair accessories which i’m missing? What are your kids favorite hair accessories? What accessories did you like to wear when you were young? Please share your pictures on the Facebook page onMommy & Me Coily Hair Time“.

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