(Last Updated On: April 21, 2018)

Having dry natural hair can be very discouraging. Over the years, I’ve had many ladies ask me how to keep their hair moisturized and maintain a moisture retention regimen.

While it can be easy to keep your hair moisturized for a few hours, the main challenge that many women often face is keeping their hair moisturized for days at a time. Because I know that maintaining a head of moisturized hair requires discipline and consistency, I was inspired to host a 30 days moisture retention challenge that will teach women how to maintain healthy moisturized hair for days at a time.

1. What is a 30 days moisture retention challenge?

It is a 30 day period where we will be tackling dry hair and focusing on moisture retention. If you’re into lent/fasting, dieting, weight loss or fitness challenges, then this challenge will very easy for you. This also mean that we will be putting in some work in order to achieve great success!

2. Why should I be a part of it?

This challenge is for you if dry hair and breakage is a big problem and you would like to solve this problem once and for all.

3. When does it start?

March 1st

4. When does it end?

March 30th

5. How do I join?

To sign up to join, please visit this link to register. You will then be emailed a one-page checklist that lists the products and tools that we will be using during the challenge to achieve moisture retention.

6. How do I get updates about the challenge?

I send out weekly emails on Mondays and I also do weekly YouTube lives. Details about the topic for the live session and weekly check-ins will be emailed out on Mondays.

Aside from emailing you, I will also be posting daily tips on my Instagram page and Facebook group.  Be sure to follow me on these pages so that you stay updated and you don’t miss out.

7. What do I need to do to prepare for the upcoming challenge?

You will need the basic hair products listed on the checklist to get started. I also have a few published eBooks on Kindle that you can read up on to stay up to date. I will most likely be sharing similar hair tips from the eBooks in my Live videos and weekly email.

To get a copy of my eBook, please check out my Kindle store HERE.  

moisture retentionmoisture retention

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8. What results should I expect by participating in the challenge?

As long as you do the work and follow us closely during the 30 days, then you should see the following results within 30 days of participation.

– Soft and moisturized hair

– More elastic hair

– Less breakage

– Increased growth

– Your hair should feel smooth and silky

– Reduce itchy scalp

– End the struggle with dry hair

– Your hair should be easier to comb

– You should have fewer tangles and knots

9. Can I participate in this challenge while wearing braids or weaves?

It’s best to have your hair out, so that you can actually see results (before and after comparison). Should you have your hair in braids and can’t take it out for the challenge. you can still follow us closely and implement the tips after you’ve taken down your hairstyle.

Now, I want to know if you’ll be joining us for this challenge.