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4 Natural Hair Tips for AfroMoms with Multiple Afrokids

By DiscoveringNatural

If you are responsible for doing your child’s hair and you have more than one child, you can relate to the struggles each wash day comes with. If you are lucky to have children that love getting their hair done regularly, then you are the luckiest parent ever!

For some of us, we have one or more children with tender heads and maybe another one that does not even want to get their hair done…”Just pack it, Mommy! Just put it in a ponytail!”. Yes, the story of my life…sometimes.  The question here is, “What do you do to make your life easier or to make the process more enjoyable for both you and your children?”

Here are some techniques that has helped me with my girls.

1. Alternate Wash Days
In the past, I use to do each of my girls’ hair the same weekend. By the end of the day, my back was hurting, my nerves were shaky, and I was a bit frustrated. The entire day was dedicated to hair and there was no fun times.  Last year, I said, “Enough is Enough!”. I decided to try alternating wash days. If this weekend, I did Big Sis’ hair, her hair will be kept in the style for 2 weeks. The following weekend, I would do her sister’s hair. Yes, that means I am doing a child’s hair every weekend. however, the number of hours spent doing the hair is reduced. 

2. Simplify Your Routine
Sometimes, we can be doing way too much on a particular wash day, making the process much longer than it ought to be. I have found that using multi-purpose products has really been a God-sent. Watch the video below to learn more about multi-purpose products, I bet you have one or more in your stash:

3. Do Easy Styling
When it comes to the choice of how to style your children’s hair, you can look for easier styling options. There are many cute styles that does not take more than 30 minutes to do. Such styles could be two-strand twists, twisted puffs, roll and tucks, buns and so much more. This gives you a little break when you are pressed for time but still want your children to look good for the week. For more styling ideas and tutorials, please click here.

4. Get Outside Help
For some people, it is easier for them to pay someone to do their children’s hair. This option is OK! Don’t feel that you are not a good parent if you are not doing your children’s hair yourself. Everyone needs a break now and then. Make sure that you choose a stylist who knows how to do children’s hair, particularly natural hair. Also make sure that you are proactive during styling so that the stylist doesn’t braid too tight or do other things you wouldn’t do when it comes to styling your children’s hair.

Overall, know that you are not alone when it comes to handling multiple heads of natural hair. I hope these techniques will help your wash days be a bonding time for you and your children.