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4 Tips to Keeping Your Child’s Natural Hair Germ Free

It’s never too early to communicate the importance of clean hair to your children as healthy clean hair is just as important as a clean body. Although parents are often responsible for the presentation of their children’s hair, even into their teen years, there are however a few easy things which can be taught to your children, as soon as they are able to comprehend certain things. Once your child is given the responsibility of dressing herself, you can also start to teach her about how to take care of her hair, making sure it’s clean. Healthy clean hair should be included into your discussion about hygiene, because one fun play date can set your and your little one back big time!
To prevent a painful hair disaster, I’ve listed 4 easy practices which you and your child can use to ensure that their hair and scalp stays clean.

1. Keep Your Hands to Yourself

Let your child know that it’s not hygienic to have strangers touch their hair or change up their hairstyles without the permission of the parent. Adults tend to get very touchy with kids, so it’s important to teach your child on how to politely decline all unwanted attention.

2. Don’t Share Hair Tools

No matter how much we teach our kids on proper hygiene, we can’t always prevent them from getting exposed to bacterial infections. Therefore, it’s important to explain to your kids not to share any of their hair accessories with friends at school, neither should they “try on” their friends pretty headband, barrette or what not.

3. Bring Your Own Tools With You To The Salon
I will also advice for your child to bring her own set of hair tools when she goes to get her hair done elsewhere. Having one’s own personal tools decreases the likelihood of catching contagious diseases and infestations such as head lice, fungus and others. 

4. Sanitize The Hair Tools
Wash all hair tools very often in a warm soapy water to clean dirt, debris and germs. Some people will also use vinegar for a thorough cleanse. Hair tools can be washed after every hair day, weekly or biweekly.

What other points would you add to this list? Do you have any “oopsy” hair story to share?