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7 Natural Hair Tips for College & University Students Writing Exams

(Last Updated On: December 9, 2017)

It’s April, meaning it’s exam month for many post secondary students in North America, especially here in Canada. While its very common for many students to forego everything else and focus on studying, with proper time management, it’s still possible to spend a few hours out of the 24 hours on one’s health and beauty. Below, I’ve listed a few tips that will help you ace those exams and papers while still ensuring that your hair remains healthy and looking its best.

1. Plan the hairstyles you will be wearing during exam period before exam season starts. So if your exam period will take place over a 2-3 weeks period, you can plan how you’ll be wearing your hair throughout that period. You should also do all the necessary deep conditioning treatments prior to starting exams so that your hair will remain nourished throughout most of your exam period.

This style can last up to 4-5 days depending on hair texture
and care given to it

2. Avoid loose hairstyles such as “out” styles and other afro hair styles. Depending on how hectic your schedule will be for the month of April or during mid-terms and exam period, you might not even have the extra 30 minutes to spend twisting and untwisting your hair daily, or you might not feel like spending that much time on your hair and would rather spend it on other things. So to ensure that your hair doesn’t break off, it’s best you put it away and keep it bounded.

3. Wear a short term (ST) protective style which should last the entire week. Examples of such styles includes flat twists, single twists and other types of quick and easy “bounded” styles which doesn’t require daily loosening and high maintenance. These styles can be taken down on the weekend for your weekly deep conditioning and re-styled for the following week

head wraps are also a form of ST protective style because
they can be taken down at night like you would a wig

4. Wear a long term (LT) protective style. If you have exams and other commitments on the weekend, you can opt for a longer term hairstyles such as corn rows, braided extensions, crotchet braiding, twists and the like. Wash days with these hairstyles are very quick and easy because detangling time is eliminated and bounded hair is generally easier to wash and handle in comparison to loose hair. For tips on how to wash your hair in braids, please read this blog post. One can even go more than a week without washing the hair because braided hair uses little product and so it doesn’t get dirty and sticky like loose hair which often requires a lot of product for maintenance and aesthetics purposes.

5. Get someone else to style your hair. Rather than spending 10 hours braiding your hair, I will recommend contracting the job to an educated natural hairstylist who might only spend 1/3 of the time braiding your hair. This will also allow you to do other things and you can also use the time spent getting your hair done on last minute cramming and studying.

6. Postpone trying new hairstyles, hair trims and reading about the latest hair tip until after exams when you will have more time for such things

7. Eat healthy and stay active.
Eating healthy will ensure that the new growth you get during exam period is healthy and it will also ensure that your hair growth cycle stays regulated. This means that regular hair loss through breakage and shedding will not suddenly increase due to neglect and change in diet. Eating healthy and staying active during exam period will also help to keep stress level low, allowing your brain to function well and help you ace those exams.

What other tips can you add to this list? How do you manage your hair during exams period or other busy times?

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