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7 Ultimate Guide to Babies Natural Hair Care

(Last Updated On: August 15, 2014)
First of all, I’d like to state that babies DON’T have a hair type. Every organ in their body is still developing and so no one knows how any part of it would turn out as they continue to develop and grow. When it comes to hair, every baby is different, some babies are born with a head full of hair while others are born with balded spots. As the shape of the head is still forming, babies scalp tend to be very soft and tender, and so great care must be taken when handling your babies hair.

When handling your babies hair, it’s important to take note of the following precautionary measures by avoiding the following practices so that your child will have healthy hair through out her lifetime.  
1. Pulling the hair too tight. doing this can cause premature baldness as the follicles are still developing and taking its shape at this stage
2. Forced hairstyles on your child’s hair. As mentioned above, some babies are born with bald spots, also, hair growth at the back of the head where they tend to sleep on can be very slow. And so rather than forcing cute pony tails on your child, you can instead have mini pony tails or simply fluff the entire hair and let it be
3. Avoid Tight headbands, rubber bands and other uncomfortable hair accessories which can pull on your baby’s hair. Babies can’t tell you if they’re uncomfortable and so you might not know that the cute little headband they’re wearing is actually hurting them. Headbands are also known to cause bald edges with adults and so you can only imagine the detrimental effects they can cause on your baby’s hair. You can instead opt for satin lined loose headbands which won’t suck up moisture, pull the hair, or restrict blood flow.
4. Accessories they can swallow. Babies tend to put EVERYTHING in their mouth, so please avoid any cute and colorful hair pieces which they can swallow, ecpecially hair pieces which can come off easily when they’re playing or asleep.  

5. Hair extensions. Remember that babies don’t care about hair length and their hair anatomy is still developing at this stage, so please avoid any harmful product which can compromise the health of their hair. Also keep in mind that these hair pieces have been chemically treated with harmful products which can be irritating to your child’s physiological system. Besides, the manufacturers didn’t have your baby in mind when they were producing the products as they were made for adult use.
6. Adult hair products. Due to the nature of the hair at this stage, it’s best to use organic hair products to avoid any complication. Babies hair are still soft and “brand new” at this stage, so you don’t need to complicate things by using multiple products. Shea Moisture has a great baby product line which you can look into. 
7. Avoid “ouchie” hair tools such as a fine tooth comb, blow driers, rubber bands and you know the rest.  Instead, opt for a soft brush to brush the hair, satin lined hair ties or satin ribbons to hold the hair in place and your fingers to fluff the hair or a large tooth comb if your baby has a lot of hair.
What else would you add to this guide? What has been your experience with your little ones?


Monday 19th of May 2014

Great post, things I never thought of like accessories that can be swallowed!


Friday 13th of June 2014

Yes you are right.:)

Baby Hair Care Tips By

The Mane Captain

Friday 23rd of May 2014

yes, one can ever be too careful with babies

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