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8 Tips For Getting Your Child to Sit Still While Styling Her Natural Hair

(Last Updated On: August 15, 2014)
Fathers do hair too 🙂

We all know that it’s difficult to get a child to sit still for a long period of time unless she’s really absorbed into what she’s doing and she enjoys doing it. While lots of girls love to look pretty, many don’t like the process that goes into looking that cute. So, if you’re like many parents who dread hair day, I suggest you try the following tips on your next hair day,.

1. Provide a distraction in the form of a book, movie, TV show, games, coloring/activity book, toys and other activities which will take their attraction away from their hair

2. Have a conversation with the child while she’s getting her hair done. Kids, especially girls like to talk, so engage them in an interesting conversation or a story. You can even conclude the conversation during your next hair day so that she will have something to look forward to.

3. Provide a reward, this could be something as small as an extra hour of TV time, candy or anything else you would normally give them when they do something good.

4. Have them pick out the hairstyle. Another thing kids love to do is to be given a fun responsibility which will make them feel like a big kid that they really are. So instead of choosing the next hairstyle, have your child take on this responsibility instead. This will also build up an excitement for hair day as she will look forward to seeing the end results.

5. Save elaborate and time consuming hairstyles to when they’ve grown older and are able to sit for a longer period of time.

*pintrest* only do such style on older kids who loves getting their hair done

6. If your child is a deep sleeper, it’s best to style their hair when asleep, eliminating the drama they might put up when awake

7. Have a routine whereby the child already knows that a particular day such as Saturday afternoons are for hair.

8. Split up hair grooming time. We all know that natural hair can be time consuming, so instead of spending the whole day on your child’s hair, you can instead break up hair grooming time in a way that will accommodate your child’s attention span. For example, you can take down a protective style while she’s asleep, wash the hair before she takes her bath and twist it up until both of you are ready to style the hair at a later time.

What else do you do on hair day? What other tips can you add to the list to help make hair day fast and fun?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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