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7 Best Detangling Combs For Natural Hair | Remove Tangles Without Breakage

Combing natural hair can be painful and cause breakage, in this post, I want to share five popular natural hair combs you can use to detangle your hair.

The truth is that the nature of our natural hair makes it naturally painful when the right set of tools and skills aren’t applied. So in today’s post, I will be listing the TOP seven natural hair detangling combs and brushes in the natural hair community that you can incorporate into your regimen.


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1.  Denman Brush

The denman brush is listed first because it has to be the top detangling tool of choice in the natural hair community. Aside from its detangling functionality, many Naturals have also used it to perfect their wash-n-go hairstyles.

In fact, the Amazon page for this brush lists the eco styler gel to be a product that is often bought together with the denman brush. The only thing about this brush is that you will need to have lots of conditioner in your hair, in order for it to work really well with your hair. You might also need to do some finger detangling prior to using the brush, in order to minimize breakage.

denman brush for detangling natural hair

2. Detangling Fan Brush

This brush came into the natural hair scene around 2018 and it’s been the rage since. It has many mixed reviews, especially from the 4c hair community. this means that it’s worth trying it out for yourself to see if it’s worth your time and money.

detangling brush for african american hair

3. Crave Naturals Glide Thru Detangling Brush

Like the tangle teezer, this brush will need to be used with caution. Make sure you only detangle with conditioner in your hair and only work with small sections at a time. If you have thick and/or knotted hair, it’s best to first use your fingers to remove the knots and tangles before using this brush. This way, you will be able to get the best results from this brush.

crave naturals detangling brush

4. Jumbo Rake Comb 

Every household with a woman with long hair probably has a comb that looks something like this. This is because these large-sized combs are very forgiving on thick curly hair such as ours.

Although these combs might not give you the polished look that you’re going for, they are a great tool to use on kids and anyone with a tender scalp. They are also a great substitute for finger detangling as they can comb through larger sections of hair, without causing too much breakage.

Detangling Comb For 4c Natural Hair

5. Small Plastic Combs

I personally have this set of combs, and I must say that I love the smaller size, because it fits perfectly into my hands and allows me to comb through smaller sections of my hair, easily. I only use the blue comb after pre-detangling my hair with the yellow one for a smoother finish.

Detangling Comb For 4c Natural Hair

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6. Tangle Teezer

Another detangling tool that has become popular in the natural hair community is the tangle teezer. Now, this tool has a polarized review because a lot of women have used it to great success while others have regretted ever picking one up.

I would only recommend this brush for someone with a TWA or fine hair. Using this brush on a longer hair length can cause breakage if not used properly, and it can also be a pain to clean as well

tangle teezer Detangling Comb For 4c Natural Hair

tangle teezer Detangling Comb For 4c Natural Hair7. Anti-Static Detangling Shower Comb

I’ve used a comb similar to this one as well, as it’s easy to hold on to without slipping off, you can also hang it in the shower. This comb is great for short to medium length hair, although someone with long hair can use it, the only thing is that it will take them more time to comb through their hair.

Detangling Comb For Curly Hair

Natural Hair Detangling Combs