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Natural Hair Products Tips

These blog posts contains product recommendations to help you to achieve your natural hair goals while you’re on your healthy hair journey.

Scalp Oil 1: Anti-Itch Lavender Scalp Oil/Growth Oil

As we all know, a healthy scalp yields healthy hair which has the potential to grow long if taken care of properly. To combat scalp issues, sometimes what’s needed is a topical application to help enhance the natural oil production of the scalp and supplement any insufficient oil production. So instead of washing one’s scalp […]

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I Tried Rhassoul Clay on My Natural Hair

Although I’ve been meaning to try the top two (bentonite & rhassoul) hair clays which have been recommended by many Naturalistas in the past few years, the difficulty in accessing these clays, as well as many other great products have kept me from trying them. I was finally able to try rhassoul clay in my […]

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