Kids Natural Hair Care

Get natural hair tips for kids of all ages, includes babies, toddlers, younger kids and teenagers. This category covers hair care and hair styling tips and ideas. If there’s a particular post we haven’t written yet, please let us know and we’ll be sure to write one up!

5 Ways to Stretch Your Afrokids Natural Hair

  By DiscoveringNatural Have you ever washed your child’s hair and after washing it, the size magically drastically reduces? Well, Welcome to Shrinkage and Natural Hair. You can’t run away from it. Your child’s hair will shrink.  There are many ways to reduce the amount of shrinkage you get. Sometimes, we do love to embrace our shrinkiness […]

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Washing Your Child’s Natural Hair

By DiscoveringNatural When it comes to washing your child’s hair, you have three choices. You can either choose to wash the hair with a shampoo (sulfate or sulfate-free) or with a  or an alternative method. Using ShampooWashing with a shampoo can quite drying to natural hair. This is because “sulfate” shampoos are known to strip all […]

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Books for Natural Hair Kids

By DiscoveringNatural There are many books that you can get to help encourage your child and teach your child more about Natural Hair. My girls love reading books and whenever we are at the book store and they see a book with a child that is the same skin color and hair type as they […]

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