Ten Best Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioners For Dry Natural Hair

co-wash cleansing conditioners

If you have extremely dry and thirsty hair, I recommend adding a co-wash cleansing conditioner to your hair regimen. Aside from deep conditioners and leave-in conditioners, another product that I often use to refresh my curls are cleansing conditioners. Co-wash conditioners are crucial in every hair regimen, they’re even more crucial in the winter time […]

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Top 5 Natural Hair Protein Treatments

natural hair protein treatment

Are you looking for the next natural hair protein treatment? Since our hair is made up of protein structures, it only makes sense that we ensure that these structures are always in their best shape. Due to manipulation, product usage, and environmental (heat, cold, rain e.t.c) influences, it’s only normal that our hair will gradually […]

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Top 5 Leave-In Conditioner for Dry Natural Hair

leave-in conditioner for dry natural hair

Below, I have listed five popular leave-in conditioners for dry natural hair? A leave-in conditioner is very important in helping to restore moisture to dry natural hair. Just as body lotions are crucial for our skin, so are leave-in conditioners for our natural hair. Leave-in conditioners are different from deep conditioners because they provide a gentle […]

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