10 Best Curl Defining Creams For 4c Hair For The Best Curl Pattern

(Last Updated On: September 2, 2019)

Are you on the hunt for the best curl defining cream for your natural hair? In this post, I have compiled a list of the ten best curl defining products for 4c hair.

What’s a curl defining cream?

Curl defining creams are meant to bring out the natural curls in your hair. They’re often used to achieve the best twist out, braid out or a curly hairstyle of your choice.

Before we get into it, I want to point out that cremes, custards and curling puddings are pretty much all the same product! A brand might use different names to define their products, but know that they all do the same job.

In terms of when to use a curling cream, you will use it to twist or style your hair after applying a leave-in conditioner. This is the 5th step in my 5-step wash day system. Curl defining products works best on freshly washed hair. To refresh your curls mid-week, you can do a co-wash first before adding more curling cream. That’s because curling cremes are usually very thick, so you want to avoid pilling products on your hair.

Whatever product you end up choosing, make sure it keeps your hair moisturized and doesn’t dry it out.

How To Get The Best Twist Out

To get the best twist out or defined curls, you want to start with freshly washed hair that has been detangled. Also make sure your hair is detangled and free of knots. Start twisting small sections of hair and take your time twisting. Be sure to apply enough products in your hair and leave the twists in your hair for at least a day. Best to leave it in for a few days.

You should also make sure that your hair is moisturized, because dry hair will come out frizzy!

When you take down your twists, make sure to separate the twists gently so that it doesn’t frizz. Again, ensure that your hair is moisturized when you take it down, so you don’t end up with a frizzy twist out.


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What are the best curl defining products for my 4c hair?


1. EDEN BodyWorks Coconut Shea Curl Defining Creme

curl defining creme for wavy hair

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Product Promise: Infuses moisture to strengthen hair, provides frizz control, and optimizes style definition. Humidity-resistant formulation to define and separate curls and waves. This product infuses moisture to strengthen hair, provides frizz control, and optimizes style definition.

5 Star Review: “my hair texture went from dry to soft luscious curls”

2. Cantu Coconut Curling Cream 

hair styling products for curly hair

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Product Promise: Award Winning formula defines, conditions and adds manageability revealing soft, elongated curls.

5 Star Review: “leaves my hair very define and moisturized.”

3. As I Am Twist Defining Cream

curl defining natural hair products

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Product Promise: provides the ultimate hydration and contains a wondrous organic compound blend that works to block build up and stimulate healthy hair growth.

5 Star Review: “This stuff is MAGIC! It leaves my twists shiny and when I take them out, the definition is BOMB!”

4. Cantu Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream

hair styling products for curly hairProduct Promise: Smooths and enhances natural curl pattern revealing frizz-free volume. Delivers volume & shine.

5 Star Review: “It leaves my hair soft and defined”

5. Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie

curl defining products for 4c hair

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Product Promise: Smoothes hair for a soft, silky feel.

5 Star Review: “It leaves my 4C hair soft.”

6. Uncle Funky’s Daughter Supercurl Miracle Moisture Creme
hair styling products for curly hair

Product Promise: This creamy hydrator has dual-power abilities to stretch out and detangle curls in very kinky, tight textures, yet define curls in medium to loose curly textures.

5 Star Review: “I love the smell & it defines my curls perfectly!”

7. Design Essentials Almond & Avocado Curling Creme

curl enhancer for fine hair

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Product Promise: infuses moisture into each strand, leaving the hair radiant and defined to produce smooth wash and go styles

5 Star Review: “It works great and it gives my hair a softer feel.”


8. Naturally Smitten Hydrating Hair Custard

curl defining creams for 4c hair

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Product Promise: Hydrating hair custard’s thick and concentrated consistency is an excellent staple for cold and dry climates and is not too heavy for humid summer weather. Pamper your coils with this creamy moisturizing blend of natural goodies that your hair will absolutely love. It’s a unique moisturizer that adds shine and gives definition.

5 Star Review: “I really like this product. It kept my 4a hair moisturized all week. Hair is soft & shiny. ”

9. Taliah Waajid Curls, Waves, & Naturals Curly Curl Cream

curl defining products for fine hair

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Product Promise: Condition your curls and they’ll be defined like never before. Enhance texture in waves, curls, and coils without frizz. For softly enhancing curls, adding definition and hold to puffs, twists, braids and other natural hairstyles

5 Star Review: “It helps to enhance & define my curls.” 

10. EARTHTONES NATURALS Perfectly Twisted™ Curl Styling Cream

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curl enhancer for natural hair

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Product Promise: This concentrated, versatile styling cream-gel is packed with moisturizing ingredients for softly enhancing curls, adding definition and hold to puffs, twists, braids and other natural hairstyles. This cream reduces frizz, adds shine, moisturizes and softens the hair.

5 Star Review: “I found this product gave my hair hydration from root to tip”

What curl defining product have you tried? Which one will you be trying? Let us know in the comments section. 

natural hair products for curl definition

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