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10 Best Deep Conditioners For High Porosity Natural Hair

With all the constant manipulation that our natural hair often goes through, a deep conditioner is an important product to include in your hair care routine. However, there are so many deep conditioners out on the market, making it very hard to know the right product to choose.

If you have hair that dries out easily and needs that extra boost of moisture and nourishment – like high porosity hair, it is even more important to use the right deep conditioner that will properly nourish your hair.

In this article, I will highlight some of the best deep conditioners for high porosity hair.

What Is High Porosity Hair?

Hair porosity describes the hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture. It affects how well moisture and oil will pass in and out of the cuticles of the hair. It is divided into three categories, and high porosity is one of those categories.

High porosity hair has widely spread and lifted cuticles which allows it to seamlessly absorb moisture and products, but because the cuticles are lifted and very porous, all the moisture evaporates very quickly. This often results in dry and frizzy hair that could lead to breakage and split ends without proper care. 

It can be quite frustrating to deal with this hair type because you feel like none of the products you use seem to be working for your hair. But with the right products for your hair porosity, you’ll be able to better manage and care for your thirsty hair.

Benefits Of Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning is an essential part of a proper hair care routine that every natural is likely very familiar with. However, many may not be aware of just how important deep conditioner is to maintaining and growing healthy hair. Here are some of the benefits of deep conditioning the hair.

a. It Strengthens Hair 

Deep conditioners usually contain high concentrations of important nutrients that help to strengthen the hair strands when they penetrate the hair shaft.

b. It Improves Hair Elasticity

Brittle hair is often prone to breaking and snapping when tension is applied. Deep conditioners improve the elasticity of the hair and make sure you don’t get any breakage when you stretch and style your hair.

c. Prevents Damage

Deep conditioners help prevent damage to the hair by preventing breakage and split ends.

d. Moisturizes And Hydrates Hair

Natural hair is prone to dryness, and deep conditioners are made with ingredients that are designed to bring moisture and hydration into the hair.

e. Adds Shine 

If your hair often looks dull and lacklustre, a deep conditioner can help with that. Deep conditioning restores shine to the hair by smoothing the hair shaft and providing essential oils and nutrients.

If you have high porosity hair, deep conditioning is even more important because it will help add the much-needed moisture, nourishment, and conditioning that your hair loses quickly.

Should High Porosity Hair Deep Condition With Heat?

The open and porous nature of the cuticles of high-porosity hair means that it will easily absorb the nutrients in a deep conditioner because the product will penetrate the hair shaft very quickly. So, it is not necessary to deep condition high porosity hair with heat.

Apply the deep conditioner to the hair after washing and leave it on for the instructed amount of time before rinsing off.

Key Ingredients For High Porosity Hair

 For high porosity hair, the main needs of your hair are strength, moisture, and conditioning. Ahead are the key ingredients you need in your products that will perform these three important functions. 

a. Moisturizers: Water, glycerin, sorbitol, honey (film-forming humectants like aloe vera, slippery elm, marshmallow root, and panthenol), natural oils, and butters.

b. Conditioners: Behentrimonium sulfate, propylene glycol, caprylyl glycol, polyquaternium,( fatty alcohols like cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, and Cetearyl alcohol).

c. Strengthners: amino acids, hydrolyzed proteins, peptides, safflower oil, wheat germ oil, artificial ceramides

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Ten Best Deep Conditioners for High Porosity Hair

I’ve included some affiliate links in this post which means that I earn a small commission at no additional cost to you when you make a purchase with my link.

Also please note that brands sometimes change their formula from time to time. Please check the current ingredient list of the product before making a commitment to purchase.

1. The Mane Choice Ancient Egyptian Anti-Breakage Repair & Antidote Mask 

The Mane Choice Ancient Egyptian Anti-Breakage Repair & Antidote Mask - Conditioner for high porosity hair

Key Ingredients for high porosity hair: Water, Aloe vera, glycerin, baobab oil, sunflower oil.

Product Promise: As the long name implies, this deep conditioner is the perfect all-around deep conditioner for high porosity hair. It nourishes and repairs all layers of the hair shaft and restores damaged cuticles.

It penetrates the hair very easily and leaves you with soft, frizz-free curls. This product is perfect for hair that’s prone to breakage and split ends, like high porosity hair. It is a bit pricy for the small 8 oz container but will be well worth it for your hair.

2. Obia Naturals Babassu Deep Conditioner

Obia Naturals Babassu Deep Conditioner for high porosity hair

Key Ingredients for high porosity hair: Purified water, panthenol, vegetable glycerin, stearyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, babassu oil, avocado oil.

Product promise: This is a protein-free deep conditioner that is great for high porosity strands. It is a fortifying that repairs and strengthens the hair and restores the natural moisture balance. It is also vegan and easily penetrates into the hair shaft to soften and add shine.

3. Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Hair Masque

shea moisture manuka honey hair masque - Conditioner for high porosity hair

Key Ingredients for high porosity hair: Honey, water, panthenol, glycerin, shea butter, hydrolyzed rice protein, stearyl alcohol. It also contains coconut, mafura, avocado, and baobab oils.

Product promise: Shea Moisture has a deep conditioner for every natural and this masque is perfect for high porosity hair.

It intensely conditions thirsty hair and infuses it with moisture and nutrients for healthy frizz-free hair. This product is very thick and does not have much slip, but will be great for locking in moisture and nourishment into your high porosity strands.

4. Aphogee Curlific Texture Treatment

Aphogee Curlific Texture Treatment - Conditioner for high porosity hair

Key ingredients for high porosity hair: Water, shea butter, glycerin, hydrolyzed proteins, panthenol, and stearyl alcohol.

 Product promise: This strengthening deep conditioner is specially formulated for curly hair. It prevents damage and eliminates hair loss while keeping the hair moisturized. It also contains those essential ingredients that your high porosity hair will love.

5. Miche Beauty Indulge Deep Conditioner

Miche Beauty Indulge Deep Conditioner-  for high porosity hair

Key Ingredients for High porosity hair: water, aloe vera, honey, marshmallow root, glycerin, and slippery elm. It also contains castor, babassu, and olive oils.

Product Promise: This is a favorite amongst many type 4 naturals. It is a protein-free deep conditioner that will fully moisturize your curls and leave them soft and manageable while adding shine and nourishment to the hair shaft. It also has a lot of slip which will help with detangling. 

6. Mielle Organics Babassu Oil & Mint Deep Conditioner

Mielle Organics Babassu Oil & Mint Deep Conditioner - Conditioner for high porosity hair

Key Ingredients for high porosity hair: Water, cetearyl alcohol, babassu oil, (protein complex that includes alanine, arginine, threonine, isoleucine, glycine, and other amino acids). 

Product promise: This is a perfect protein deep conditioner to help manage your moisture-protein balance. It reduces frizz and moisturizes dry hair by infusing the hair with protein and locking in the moisture that high porosity hair needs. It also smooths the hair cuticles and replenishes dry damaged hair. 

7. Camille Rose Algae Renew Deep Conditioner

Camille Rose Algae Renew Deep Conditioner - Conditioner for high porosity hair

Key ingredients for high porosity hair:  This product is infused with honey, deionized water, aloe vera juice, shea butter, coconut oil, mango butter, panthenol, glycerin, cetyl alcohol, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, biotin, blue-green algae, and green tea extract.

Product promise: This Camille rose deep conditioner is packed full of vitamins and nutrients that your hair will love. It strengthens the hair, prevents breakage, adds moisture to the hair, and also locks in that moisture so it doesn’t evaporate so quickly.

It also helps stop unnecessary shedding and thinning of the hair. The ingredients in this product are sure to tempt any natural but will be even more beneficial to high porosity hair.

8. As I AM Hydration Elation Intensive Conditioner

As I AM Hydration Elation Intensive Conditioner - Conditioner for high porosity hair

Key ingredients for high porosity hair: glycerin, coconut oil, shea butter, mango butter, water, and cetyl alcohol.

Product promise: This deep conditioner is a classic among many naturals. It promises to moisturize the hair shaft, smooth the cuticles and promote shine.

It also has a decent amount of slip that helps with detangling the hair and is vegan and cruelty-free. If you want a deep conditioner that is low to no protein and will leave your curls juicy, this is perfect for you.

9. Maui Moisture Heal & Hydrate Shea Butter Hair Mask

Maui Moisture Heal & Hydrate Shea Butter Hair Mask - Conditioner for high porosity hair

Key Ingredients for high porosity hair: Water, aloe vera, Cetearyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, shea butter, coconut oil, polyquaternium-37.

Product promise: This luxurious smelling deep conditioner will give your hair the much-needed TLC it deserves. It is an intensely hydrating deep conditioner that helps nourish and soften dry hair while also repairing damage and split ends. It also contains rich natural oils that will help lock in all that hydration and add shine to the hair. 

10. Crece Pelo Natural Phitoterapeutic Treatment

Crece Pelo Natural Phitoterapeutic Treatment - Conditioner for high porosity hair

Key Ingredients for high porosity hair: Hydrolyzed proteins, panthenol, glycerin, purified water, and cetearyl alcohol.

Product Promise: This is a hidden gem that every high porosity-haired natural should know about. Not only does it smell amazing, but this product also checks all the boxes for high porosity hair needs. It adds essential nutrients to the hair and also increases softness and flexibility, and improves the overall health of the hair.


Properly caring for high porosity can be quite tasking, but with the help of these deep conditioners, your hair will get the moisture and strength it needs and will thank you for that extra love and care.

Don’t hesitate to switch up and use more than one of these deep conditioners at different times to maintain the proper moisture-protein balance based on your hair needs.