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40 Easy Natural Hairstyles For 1-Year-Old Baby Girls

Knowing what to do with your infant’s natural hair is one of the many tasks involved on your to-do list as the parent of a one-year-old girl. With some little girls being tender-headed and others refusing to sit still for anything over ten minutes, it can be very confusing to figure out what style you can make on a one-year-old.  

Thankfully, we’re here to save you all that stress. Up ahead, we’ve put together some of the best natural hairstyles for black and brown one-year-old girls.  Even if you’re not a pro at making hair, don’t worry there are many easy options for you to choose from.

Can A 1-Year-Old Get Braids?

One-year-olds have very tender scalps, and although you can braid their hair into cornrow styles, it is not advisable to let them get styles like box braids with extensions. Those intricate braid styles tend to put a lot of tension on the hair and can cause breakage. 

Braids are also sometimes not the most comfortable to install, so your baby is more than likely to cry and hate every minute of the installation process. If you want to braid your one-year-old’s hair, opt for cornrows and three-strand plaits that are not too tight.

Can I Put Bead In My 1-Year-Old’s Hair?

You can absolutely put beads in your one-year-old’s hair. However, you need to make sure they are securely held in place with a rubber band to avoid them falling off or having a hazardous situation where your baby puts them in her mouth.

How Do I Get My 1-Year-Old Baby’s Hair To Grow?

At one year old, most children’s hair is still in the growing phase so there isn’t much you can do to change that, and it is best just to let their hair do its own thing.  However, if you’d like to facilitate their hair growth, the best thing you can do ensuring they have a healthy diet that will give their body the right nutrients for hair growth. 

You also need to ensure their hair is properly moisturized and protected from damage. This means avoiding any tight protective style that puts pressure on their scalp and covering their hair with a silk or satin bonnet before they go to bed to prevent dryness.  However, as most kids tend to take off the bonnet while they sleep, a silk or sating pillowcase may be a better choice

How Do I Keep My One Year Old’s Natural Hair Moisturized?

To keep your one-year-old’s natural hair moisturized, you can apply a moisturizing hair detangler or a leave-in conditioner. Then follow up with a light oil like coconut oil, olive oil, or jojoba oil. You can apply a hair butter to their hair if you prefer but make sure to apply only a tiny amount as you don’t want the product weighing down their hair.


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Check out these adorable easy hairstyles for your baby girls!

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1. 3B Hair Wash And Go On 1-Year-Old

easy hairstyle for 1 year old baby girl

For a no-fuss carefree style that doesn’t require much styling. A wash-and-go like this one is a perfect choice. Just apply a curling cream to give the hair more definition

2. Curly Afro With Accessories

cute black baby girl hairstyle

If you don’t have the time for a complicated style. Just fluff out your little one’s hair into a fro and jazz it up with a headband.

3. Afro Blow Out On Toddler

 hairstyle for one year old babies

If your daughter’s hair is really full, then she can pull off a blowout like this one. It is a great way to let her embrace her natural afro.

4. Half-Up Half-Down Packing Gel

cute hairstyle for black babies

This is a great style for kids with short hair. The addition of a headband at the front section gives the style some sass and personality.

5. Criss-Cross Banded Pigtails

simple hairstyle for one year old black baby

For one-year-olds with thin hair, a banded style like this one is the perfect way to hide the lack of volume in the front section.

6. Triple Buns Infant Hairstyle For Short Hair

one year old black girls hairstyles

Finding it difficult to style your daughter’s short hair into an afro puff? Try making three buns instead. You can even add a hair bow for some flair.

7. Easy Twists Style For Little Black Girls

two strand twists for 1 year old baby

If you want a protective style that will last longer than a week, then twists jazzed up with some hair clips is a great choice.

8. Cute Afro Puff Baby Hairstyle

afro puff hairstyle for one year old

If your little one is not the type to sit still to get her hair done, then opt for a simple top bun like this one.

9. Side Parted Curly Afro With Accessories

easy hairstyle for toddlers

For a cute style your daughter can have fun with on a causal day, simply part her hair and style it with a headband and neck beads to match.

10. Banded Twists Black Baby Girl Style

simple hairstyle for black baby girls

Banded styles like this one always makes an elegant look for a fun day out. All you need are some colorful hair ties and hair gel.

11. 1-Year-Old Cornrow Ponytail With Beads

braid hairstyle for 1 year old girls

Cornrows styled into a cute bun are the ideal choice for parents who want something that will last long. To make them more fun, you can add some colorful beads.

12. Infant Pigtails With Braided Sections

puffs hairstyle for brown toddlers

If you really like the look of cornrows but know your daughter won’t sit still long enough for you to make them. Then you can opt for a sleek pigtail and cornrow combo like this one.

13. Short Hair Baby Hairstyle With Accessories

bow hairstyle for black babies

Want an easy last-minute style your little one can rock at an upcoming occasion? Try this adorable double bun style.

14. Medium Two Strand Twists For Infants

simple hairstyle for black toddlers

Twists always make a great style for one-year-olds but you can take them up a notch by styling them into cute mini buns as done here.

15. Banded Pigtails Short Natural Hairstyle For Babies

cute hairstyle for black girls

If your one-year-old has short and fairly thin hair, then a banded pigtail like this one is the perfect look for her.

16. Mini Afro Puffs For Black Infants

puff hairstyles for one year old baby

Try these dreamy mini puffs if your daughter’s hair is fairly short and you’re looking for an easy style that doesn’t require much effort.

17. Easy Double Bun Short Hair Baby Style

simple hairstyle for brown babies

For days when you just need something that keeps your one-year-old’s hair tucked in and out of the way, this is the perfect look to go for.

18. Chunky Twists Baby Girl Style

two strand twists for toddlers

Juicy twists made on wet hair are a great low-maintenance protective style. Simply smooth down the edges with some gel to add a nice touch of sleekness.

19. Short Hair Black Baby Girl Style With Headbands

hairstyle for 1 year old brown babies

For a simple casual day out, you don’t need to fuss over your baby’s hair. Just tie up the front sections with some cute hair clips and you’re good to go.

20. Afro Puffs With Chunky Twists

simple hairstyle for 1 year old black girls

This is another lovely style that’s perfect for casual days.


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Simply cute hairstyles you should do on your little girls hair.

21. Easy Afro Hairstyle For Black 1-Year-Olds

cute ribbon hairstyle for babies

These mini afro puffs are a great option for kids with very full and short hair.

22. Toddler 1-Year-Old Hairstyle

cute bow hairystyle for 1 year old

You can never go wrong with a classic pigtail look like this one on special occasions. Style the hair with headbands to match her outfit and your baby girl will look beautiful.

23. Short Hair 1-Year-Old Girls Style

hairstyle for one year old babies

This cute combo of Bantu knots and a curly fro at the back is a very versatile style your little girl can have fun with on a casual day or on a special occasion.

24. Mini Buns 1-Year-Old Hairstyle

simple puff hairstyle on one year old baby

Cute mini buns like this one are another playful and versatile look you can pair with many adorable outfits for your little girl.

25. Short Hair Infant Half-up Half-down Style

easy hairstyle for brown babies

If your baby has relatively short hair, then the best way to style her hair into an updo is a half-up half-down look like this one.

26. Toddler Afro Puffs Style

one year old baby girl with cute hairstyle

Mini puffs like this one are a great choice for parents looking for something to last more than a week.

27. Braided 1-Year-Old Hairstyle With Beads

braided hair of 1 year old baby

Braids are another cute style that can last long. You can style them with beads and add a mini puff at the back to make them look unique.

28. Easy Black Toddler Style With Beads

big puff on one year old black girl

Steeping out with your daughter for a fun day out and need something effortless and cute? Double buns like this are a great choice. Just style them with some headbands and beads to give them a touch of fun.

29. Cute Twists With Beads For Infants

cute two strand twist for 1 year old baby

Try twists if you want a style that will keep your daughter’s hair in a stretched state. Add some hair clips and a few Bantu knots to make them stand out.

30. Babies Cornrows And Twists With Beads

cute braided hairstyle with beads on black baby

This lovely combo of cornrows and twisted ends is a stunning style that will look amazing on any hair type.

31. Braided Infant Protective Style With Beads

easy hairstyle for one year old black girls

Here we have another braided look with a free afro puff on the ends to give the hair a bit more volume.

32. 1-Year-Old Baby Girl Hairstyle

cute hairstyle for 1 year old kids

Opt for a simple banded crisscross style like this if you are looking for a style that won’t take much time to make.

33. Easy Toddler Pigtail Style With Twists

simple hairstyle ideas for 1 year old

This is another great style you can make if you’re pressed for time. Be sure to use a curling cream before styling the hair to make your daughter’s curls pop.

34. Infants Double Bun Afro With Cornrows

cute puff hairstyle with colorful clips

If you’ve got a party or special event coming up and need a style that will have your baby looking flawless. This mix of cornrows, crisscross bands, afro puffs, and hair clips is a stunning look you can never go wrong with.

35. Easy Black Babies Afro Puff Style

easy hairstyle for black girls

If you’re a fan of the classic afro puff but want to switch them up a little, then include a few parted sections in the front and style them with colored hair clips.

36. Chunky Twists On Toddlers Type 4 Hair

two strand twist protective hairstyle on 1 year old baby

Chunky twists like this one are a great choice for one-year-olds with type 4 hair. They last long and keep their ends protected. All you need to do is tie the ends with some fun ball hair ties.

37. Bantu Knot And Cornrows Style For 1-Year-Olds

cute bantu knots hairstyle on kids

This unique mix of Bantu knots and cornrows is a lovely style for one-year-olds with slightly longer hair. To give the style some flair, be sure to sleek down the edges with gel and a few swoops.

38. Banded Crisscross Top Bun

criss cross hairstyle on 1 year old

A cute updo like this is the perfect style to keep your daughter’s medium-length hair out of the way. Just make sure to accessorize the look with some beads and colorful hair ties.

39. Knots Half-up Half-down Natural Hairstyle For Toddlers

easy hairstyle on 1 year old black kids

Whether you’re going out for a play date or simply having a casual day indoors, this cute Bantu knot half-up half-down style is one hairstyle that is sure to look dreamy on your one-year-old.

40. Rubber Band 1-Year-Old Black Girl Style

colorful rubber band hairstyle on black babies

Want a style that gives off cornrow vibes but don’t know how to cornrow? Then this straight-back rubber band look is a great choice you can try.

Easy natural hairstyles for 1 year old babies


The main thing to keep in mind is that styling a one-year-old’s natural hair is quite easy. As you can see from the many hairstyles in this post, you’re never short of options. So, whether you prefer a simple afro style or more intricate looks for your baby, as long as you have the right styling tools you can be sure your little girl’s hair will always look stunning.