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40 Fulani/Tribal Hairstyles To Wear This Spring or Summer

Fulani hairstyles have been passed down from generation to generation. They are known for their intricate braids, patterns, and beads, which add a unique touch.

So whether you have long or short afro-textured hair, there is a Fulani hairstyle that will suit your hair type and face shape, from simple braids to more in-depth designs.

In this article, we have put together 40 Fulani hairstyles you can try out this spring or summer. So, get ready to switch up your hair game and embrace the beauty of Fulani culture.

What Culture Did Fulani Braids Originate From?

Fulani braids are a traditional hairstyle worn by the Fulani people. They are a nomadic tribe populating West Africa in countries like Senegal, Guinea, and Mali. 

They’re now one of the many popular braided hairstyles Black women around the world choose to wear, seen on the likes of Rihanna, Alicia Keys, and other celebrity figures.

What do Fulani Braids Symbolize?

Typically, in parts of West Africa, Fulani braids are seen as a symbol of beauty, cultural identity, and social status within the Fulani (Fula) community. 

Women choose to wear these braids when they wish to demonstrate their marital status or represent their family heritage.

These braids may also have a spiritual significance, as Fulani women are known to wear these specific braids during ceremonies and rituals. 

Are Fulani Braids a Protective Style?

Fulani braids are also described as feed-in braids or cornrows with beads. They are considered a protective style for Black women because they protect naturally textured afro hair from breakage due to frequent styling.

How Long Do Fulani Braids Last?

Fulani braids can last for several weeks to a couple of months. If your hairstylist braids them smaller, it will take longer to do, but also last longer. 

However, the Fulani braid’s longevity also depends on how well you moisturize your scalp or how quickly your hair grows. 

Do Fulani Braids Damage the Hair?

Like any other braided hairstyle, if they’re done too tight, it can cause problems. For example, the tightness can cause tension in natural hair follicles and lead to breakage. Similarly, if this protective hairstyle is left on the scalp for too long, it can also lead to damage.

This is why it’s a good idea to take breaks in between braided styles and consider regular maintenance, like gently washing and conditioning when the braids are installed.


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Trendy fulani hairstyles you should wear!

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1. Fulani Braids with Two-strand Twists

fulani braids with senegalese twist

Opt for two-strand twists to end your Fulani braids instead of plaits to achieve this seamless look and finish with beads.

2. Blonde Fulani Braids

blonde fulani braids with head scarf

Colors like blonde look beautiful next to melanated skin, so try some colored extensions the next time you braid your hair.

3.  Intricate Zig-zag Detailed Braids

tribal braids on black women

If you want your braids to stand out, show these intricate patterns to your hairstylist to try. Set the design with mousse for a slick finish, especially in the summer.

4. Fulani Braids with High Bun

goddess fulani braids hairstyle on black women

Get versatile with your braids by holding some of the hair into a high bun. This can also be turned into a high ponytail.

5. Fulani Braids with Double Space Buns

multi colroed fulani braids for black girls

These space buns are a fun way to style your Fulani braids. Complete the style by curling the ends with perm rod rollers and set the baby hairs with a styling gel.

6. Large Braids with Fluffy Curls

fulani braids with cornrows

A curly sew-in on the back of your Fulani braids will look perfect for any summer vacation. Choosing curly-textured hair can recreate the look above.

7. Large Fulani Braids with Boho Curls

fulani braids with curls and accessories

For tighter sew-in curls, choose a passion twist braiding hair. This style can last up to 3 weeks using styling mousse to keep the curls fresh for summer.

8. Diagonal Braids with High Bun and Curls

fulani braids with natural hair on black women

Give your Fulani braids a twist by styling the front half in a diagonal part. Hold that up in a high bun to show off the sew-in at the back for a full look.

9. Small Crossover Braids on Type 3 Hair

burgundy tribal braids on brown girls

For Black women with type 3 hair, small details like the ones above can last up to four weeks and show the versatility of your Fulani braids.

10. Medium Braids with Heart Design

tribal braids on black women

Medium-sized patterns like this heart design and crossover braids are fun additions for Black women of varying ages, and are ideal for spring.

11. Two Colored Fulani Braids with Beads

black and pink fulani braids with beads

Fulani braids typically use extensions to achieve the desired length and thickness. So you have the option, choose a pop of color with matching beads to fit your style this summer.

12. Lattice Pattern Braids

freestyle fulani braids with beads

Give your hairstylist a challenge with these lattice-style braids. They may take longer than usual to complete but can stay neat for up to 8 weeks.

13. 3-in-1 Crossover Pattern Braids

freestyle fulani braids on black women

If you’re stuck on a design for your Fulani braids, go for more than one. Here we see a 3-in-1 heart, zig-zag, and crossover pattern to bring the braided look together.

14. Half Feed-in with Half Curls

red fulani braids with curls on black girls

Half feed-ins are perfect if you don’t want to be sitting in the braiding chair for too long. Add a sew-in at the back, and this will last up to four weeks.

15. Heart Stitch Braids with Curly Ends

freestyle fulani braids with curly end

Get creative in your next hair appointment. Not only with colorful extensions but the type of stitch braid, as we see with these beautiful hearts above. And finish the ends with curls.

16. Half Stitch Braids Half Wavy Sew-in

honey blonde freestyle fulani braids on black women

Your half sew-in can be any texture you desire, like this wavy look above. It shows how diverse Black hairstyles are when partnered with skillful braids at the front.

17. Middle Part Fulani Cornrows with Accessories

goddess fulani braids with accessories

Get inspired by a more tribal look when you add a variety of hair accessories. This middle part style can last the whole summer.

18. Shoulder Length Crossover Braids

short knotless fulani braids with beads

Shoulder-length Fulani braids look just as stunning as longer versions, so consider this if you’re someone who prefers a shorter look. And don’t forget to end them with beads.

19. Small Braids with Multi Designs

waist length fulani braids on black girls

The crossover stitch braids and heart designs are popular styles, as we see above. So take it one step further by adding triangle partings for more complexity.

20. Two Tone Swirl Fulani Braids

red fulani braids on brown women

You don’t have to go for straight-back feed-in braids, so why not try a swirl design? Incorporate colored extensions to achieve this look and keep these for up to six weeks.


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Stunning fulani hairstyles for black women

21. 3-in-1 Geometrical Braid Designs

freestyle fulani braids for black women

Geometrical patterns look seamless for any Fulani style. Add some heart braids as finishing touches and this should look neat for up to four weeks.

22. Swirl Braids in Shoulder Length with Beads

short fulani braids with beads

Small swirl braids will make your Fulani braids stand out. This looks amazing on type 3 and type 4 hair types, ensuring a styling gel is used to tame flyaways.

23. Diagonal Feed-ins with Half Sew-in and Baby Hairs

burgundy fulani braids with curls

Ladies that prefer a fuller look can try these half feed-ins with bouncy curl sew-ins. Add some accessories and complete with styled edges.

24. Medium Half Cornrow Patterns

fulani braids hairtsyle on black girls

For thicker hair types, medium-sized Fulani braids are ideal. There isn’t too much tension on the hair, and patterns look seamless, lasting up to four weeks.

25. Half Fulani Braids Half Voluminous Curls

brown fulani briads with hair cuffs

Curly sew-ins are popular choices, especially for ladies with type 3 hair. So give these a go if you’re thinking of the perfect vacation style.

26. Extra Small Fulani Braids

short knotless fulani braids on black women

If you want your braids to last longer than six weeks, choose these extra small Fulani braids.

27. Medium Braids with Designs on Type 4 Hair

tribal fulani braids on black women

Type 4 hair girls have one of the best textures for braided styles like these. Using a styling gel, your hairstylist can recreate any pattern for you, and remain for up to six weeks.

28. Micro Stitch Braids with Twist Ends

fulani braids with senegalese twists on black women

These micro-sized braids with twists are perfect for ladies who want a low maintenance style. They add fullness for up to 8 weeks. But remember to include wash days every few weeks.

29. Small Versatile Braids with Curly Ends

Small braids can be worn in a high or low ponytail, or as they are. And using textured hair extensions can complete the look.

brown fulani braids on black women

30. Small Feed-ins on Type 3 Hair

fulani braids with  curly end on black women

Like type 4 hair, type 3 is also excellent at holding feed-in braids. Select a braiding hair color that compliments your skin tone and you’re all set.

31. Extra Long Medium-sized Braids

freestyle fulani braids on black hair

Go for an extra-long look if you prefer it. As we see in these multi-patterned medium-sized braids, the length brings the whole style together.

32. Two Tone Extra Small Middle Part Braids

ombre fulani braids on black women

Most colors look delightful on melanated skin. So make the most of it with two-tone Fulani braids. These can look good in the spring and summer for up to six weeks.

33. Diagonal Part Braids with Baby Hairs

fulani braids with weaves on black girl

To add to the final details of the braiding pattern, finish the look with exaggerated edges using edge control gel.

34. Large Feed-ins and Sew-in with Colored Extensions

burgundy fulani braids with curls

Go big with these large braids and matching curly sew-in. This style can remain neat for weeks if a mousse is added every few days to the curls.

35. Detailed Heart Design in Box Part Braids

red freestyle fulani briads on black girls

Fulani braids don’t have to be straight all-back. They can be versatile, as we see with these box-parted heart designs.

36. Small Side Part Shoulder Length Braids

short fulani briads with wooden beads

If you don’t want to go for a classic middle part Fulani style, a swirl side part is an excellent alternative. Finish with wooden beads and leave the braids in for up to six weeks.

37. 2-in-1 Swirl Design with Curly Ends

tribal fulani braids with accessories

Don’t feel limited in what you can get braided, as we see this beautiful range of patterns in the picture. And why not add some pretty curls to the ends to tie the look together?

38. Small Middle Part Braids with Hair Accessories

short goddess fulani braids with beads

These middle-part braids look effortless with subtle hair accessories and wooden beads. Keep baby hair to a minimum for this style to last up to five weeks.

39. Dollar Sign Cornrow Braided Style

freestyle fulani braids on black girls

If you’re not feeling a popular heart design, there are plenty of options like this dollar sign for your hairstylist to try, giving your Fulani braids something different.

40. Freestyle Cornrow Design

freestyle fulani braids with beads

Black women who don’t know how they want their Fulani braids to look can always choose a fun freestyle cornrow design like the one above. Complete with beads for this to stay put for up to six weeks.


Fulani styles are a great choice for Black women because they are an attractive and protective style with the benefit of being easy to maintain over a few weeks.

They can be braided in various colors and lengths, so choose from a range this spring and summer. So what are you waiting for?

Fulani and Tribal hairstyle you should wear this summer