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40 Trendy Romantic Heart-Shaped Cornrows – Perfect For Vacations and Romantic Getaways

If there’s one thing that remains ever-evolving and always impressive, it’s the ability of black braiders to come up with trendy new styles continuously. One such trendy new hairstyle making waves among black women is heart-shaped cornrows, popularly known as heart braids.

Whatever name you choose to call them, these chic braids with prominent heart designs have become a go-to look for many people, and it’s not hard to see why. They’re elegant, well-suited for just about any occasion, and can be made into different hairstyles.

In this post, I have compiled a few stunning heart-shaped cornrows that will have you rushing to book an appointment with your stylist.

What Are Heart Cornrows?

Heart cornrows are braids or cornrows with a heart or love-shaped braid made into certain sections. This look can be incorporated into different styles as the main idea is to part certain sections of the hair in a love shape to create the heart design.

How Do You Make Heart-Shaped Cornrows?

First, you’ll need to start on freshly washed and moisturized hair. If your hair is dirty and dry, the style will look messy. Once your hair is clean, follow the steps below:

  • Decide where you’d like the heart braid to be (it could be at the middle of the head, the back, the nape, or even by the side close to the ear).
  • Use a rat tail comb to part the section of the hair in a C shape (The size will depend on how large you want the heart to be).
  • Part another C shape opposite the first one. You should visibly see the love shape formed after this.
  • Use a hair gel-like shine ‘n jam to sleek down the hair, and then braid it in three-strand plaits. You can use any technique you want here. The stitch braiding method is the most common technique, but you can also braid the traditional way.
  • Once the heart-shaped braid is done, continue with the rest of the hair and braid it into any style you prefer.

To help you better visualize the steps, here is a more detailed video.

How Long Do Heart Cornrows Last?

Like most cornrows and braids, heart-shaped cornrows will typically last about 4-6 weeks. However, to ensure they remain neat and sleek throughout that time, proper maintenance is key. You’ll need to have a good moisturizing and nighttime regimen to prevent the braids from becoming frizzy and dry.

Do Heart-Shaped Cornrows Cause Breakage?

Heart-shaped braids are just like any protective-style cornrows. They do not cause damage on their own. However, if they are installed too tight and tug on the delicate hair on the roots, then you run the risk of breakage.

You also need to properly moisturize your hair while it is in heart-shaped cornrows to prevent any dryness that could lead to breakage when you eventually take down the style.

How Do I Maintain My Heart-Shaped Cornrows?

The best way to maintain your heart-shaped cornrows hairstyle is to have a simple hair regimen that involves the following:


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Perfect heart-shaped cornrows hairstyles for vacations and getaways

Beautiful Heart-Shaped Cornrows on Black Women

These pictures are all sourced online. To be credited for your personal picture, please contact me with the exact picture, and I’ll be sure to credit you. I’ve also included some affiliate links in the post, which means that I make a small commission at no additional cost to you when you make a purchase with my link.

1. Straight Back Heart Shaped Cornrows With Curled Ends

Heart shaped braids on black Hair

This style is great for those who want a low-maintenance and chic look you can dress up or pair with casual outfits.

What You’ll Need: Black braiding hair

2. Long Heart Shaped Cornrows

Heart shaped braids on black women

If you’re looking for a more intricate style you can wear to special occasions or dates, this layered straight-back look with multiple hearts is the way to go.

What You’ll Need: Braiding hair extension.

3. Low Bun Heart Shaped Cornrows

Heart-shaped braids for black women

Trying to prevent your hair from getting in your face? Wear these low-bun heart cornrows and look cute while doing it.

What You’ll Need: Braiding Hair extensions

4. Heart Shaped Knotless Braids With Curled Ends

heart shaped braids on black women

If you want a fuller look that can be styled multiple ways, these sleek knotless heart braids are the ideal look for you. Curl the ends to make it even more feminine.

What You’ll Need: Curly braiding hair and hair gel

5. Waist Length Heart Shaped Tribal Braids

burgundy heart cornrows

This style is a great way to add a pop of colour and elegance to your traditional tribal braids.

What You’ll Need: Burgungy braiding hair

6. High Bun Heart Shaped Cornrows

heart-shaped buns on black women

A sleek ponytail is great, but if you really want to elevate it, try these heart cornrows ponytail braids. You’ll want to wear them to every party and special occasion.

What You’ll Need: Blue braiding hair and black kanekelon hair.

7. Fulani Heart Shaped Cornrows

heart cornrows for the summer

This Fulani look is a cute and versatile style that will take you from days at school or work to fun nights out.

What You’ll Need: Mixture of brown and blonde braiding hair

8. Thick Golden Heart Shaped Braids

box braids with hearts

This is an ideal style for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time in the braiding chair. It’s cute and colorful, and the heart design only makes it more eye-catching.

What You’ll Need: Color #27 braiding hair extensions

9. Ginger Straight Back Heart Shaped Cornrows

heart shaped cornrows

If you’re looking for a fun style that will look great on both kids and adults, a straight-back look like this one is perfect.

What You’ll Need: Ginger braiding hair

10. Blue Tribal Heart Shaped Cornrows With Sleek Edges

Heart-shaped parts braids

Want a style with a pop of color to rock in the summer? This blue tribal style definitely needs to be on your radar. Honestly, you can wear this style at any time of the year, and it will still be a show-stopper.

What You’ll Need: Blue braiding hair or any vibrant hair colour of your choice

11. Stich Heart Shaped Cornrows

Heart-shaped parts braids

This stitch braid style is ideal for anyone with fine hair, as the spacing will blend in perfectly well with any thinness you may have.

What You’ll Need: Black braiding hair packs

12. Sleek Stitched Cornrows With Heart Shape

Straight back cornrows with heart

If you’re a fan of sleek braids with popping edges, this style is definitely for you. Keep in mind that you might have to style your edges on a daily basis to maintain this style. So if you are looking for a low-maintenance hairstyle, it’s best to have your hairstylist braid all your hair with minimal leave-out.

What You’ll Need: Black kanekelon hair

13. Queen Of Heart Braids With Blue Highlights

queen of hearts cornrows

If you want to embrace the romantic look of heart braids fully, there’s no better way to do so than this look. It’s a unique and chic look you can wear to any occasion. You can substitute the blue highlights to any color of your choice.

What You’ll Need: Colorful braiding hair packs of your choice and black kanekelon hair packs

14. Feed In Stitch Braids With a Rear Heart

Heart-shaped braids on women
heart cornrows for black women

This is a perfect style for you if you are looking for something simple and quick to install, without sacrificing style. If you can’t sit through a long braiding session, you will be happy with this beautifully simple hairstyle.

What You’ll Need: Braiding hair packs and freetress water wave hair for the curly ends.

15. Blonde Heart Cornrows

blonde queen of hearts cornrows

Want to be blonde for a few weeks? Go ahead with this Queen of hearts blonde cornrows!

What You’ll Need: Color #613 braiding hair

16. Red Tribal Braids With a Heart Design

red heart cornrows with zig zag cornrows

Opt for a fiery look like this one if you want to make your heart braids pop! For the edges. you can use temporary hair wax paint so that your edges match your hair colour. This way, you don’t have to dye your hair if you don’t want to permanently.

What You’ll Need: Red braiding hair packs

17. Double Bun Cross Stitch Braids With Heart

heart cornrows with curly ends
cornrows with heart at the back

If you want a hairstyle you can wear to work or school while looking chic, this is the ideal look for you. If you have 4c hair and don´t want to deal with laying your edges all the time, you can ask your hairstylist to braid all your hair.

What You’ll Need: Black braiding hair and a pack of curly hair extensions.

18. Straight Back Cornrows With Side Heart Design

feed in braids with heart bun

Not a fan of long hair that gets in the way? These neck-length cornrows are the ideal look for you. All you’ll need to do is wrap the ends of the braids after braiding, and you’ll end up with this stunning style. For a romantic look, you can leave out very little baby hair.

19. Low Bun Straight Back Cornrows With Heart on Teenagers

heart braids on teenagers

If you’re on a busy schedule and need something easy to install, this style is definitely tailor-made for you. It is simple yet elegant and well-suited to any occasion. This hairstyle is appropriate for black girls of any age. Simply ask the hairstylist to style the hair to fit your child’s age.

If you have long hair and do not want to add hair extensions, you can do away with added hair.

What You’ll Need: Braiding hair and edge control

20. Red And Black Queen Of Hearts Braids

queen of hearts cornrows

Want to elevate your heart braids with some pop of color? Add in a few red shades them make it stand out.

What You’ll Need: Red braiding hair extensions and black hair packs

Try these romantic heart-shaped cornrows ideas on your next getaways

21. Double Bun Jumbo Cornrows With Heart

heart cornrows on black women

Opt for this double low bun style if you want a youthful look you can pair with casual outfits. It is going to gain you some compliments.

What You’ll Need: Black kanekelon hair packs

22. Ombre Queen Of Hearts Cornrows

queen of hearts cornrows with burgundy hair

A great way to make your heart braids stand out is to incorporate an ombre blend of colors. This one uses dark pink, though you can use any colour you prefer.

What You’ll Need: Ombre Pink braiding hair

23. Curly Bun Stitch Straight Back With Heart

Stitch cornrows with heart on the side

If you have looser textured hair and want to give your braids some more depth and definition, opt for this straight-back look. The curly buns at the bottom are sure to be a show-stopper.

What You’ll Need: Black braiding hair packs

24. Medium Queen Of Hearts Braids

queen of hearts cornrows

If you’re not a fan of extremely small cornrows, then these medium-sized queen-of-heart braids are the perfect look for you.

What You’ll Need: Black braiding hair packs

25. Multi-Hearts Braids

heart cornrows

If you want to up the ante with your heart braids, add more than one heart shape, as done in this style, to make it more dramatic.

26. Red Stitch Cornrows With Heart Design

red cornrows with heart on the side

If you’re brave enough to jump on the colored hair train, then this style is great for you if your natural hair is dyed red.

What You’ll Need: Red pre-stretched braiding hair

27. Two Step Stitch Cornrows with Beads

beautiful cornrow hairstyles for black women

Want an easy and chic style that is both easy to install and take down? This two-step look is definitely what you need. To accessorize it, you can add any stylish beads of your choice. You can also add braiding rings for a royal look.

28. Curly Low Bun Cross Braids With Two Hearts

cornrows with curly buns
heart cornrows

This is a great heart-shaped braid you can either wear on special occasions or days when you want your hair to be a statement. For the curly ends, you will need to add a curly hair extension to the ends of the hair.

29. Straight Back Stitch Braids With Heart

All back cornrow bun with heart

This style is perfect for you if you want a sleek, pulled-back look that will let your makeup or lashes take center stage. This hairstyle is perfect for a summer holiday, because it’s low maintenance, and you won’t feel hot in it while out and about.

30. Straight Back Feed-In Cornrows With Mini Hearts

straight back cornrows with mini hearts

Want to hop on the heart braid trend but looking for a low-key way to try it? Try this style with mini heart shapes. This hairstyle is so romantic on its own. It’s a perfect style for anyone who is looking for a break from wigs and weaves.

31. Long Heart Shaped Crisscross Stitch Braids

criss-cross stitch braids

Sometimes all you want is a simple all-back hairstyle, but rather than being too simple, you can elevate your style with this heart design. This style is great for anyone who wants to rock long hair, but the heart shape in the front is really what makes it stand out.

What You’ll Need: Black kanekelon hair

32. Cornrow Buns With Heart

cornrow buns patewo hairstyle

If you’re looking for a fun style you can pair with casual outfits, these heart cornrows are the ideal style to try. They are perfect for women with curly hair that can get frizzy quickly. For this style, you can either use a pack of black hair extensions and weave in some blonde hair at the end, or you can use a black and blonde ombre hair pack.

33. Crisscross Stitch Cornrows With Heart Design

tribal braids with heart

Opt for a combination of criss-cross and heart braids if you want to make your cornrows stand out.

34. Crisscross Straight Back Cornrows With Three Hearts On The Side

tribal braids with heart

Looking for a style with some dramatic flair to wear on a special occasion? Try this triple hearts and crisscross combo.

35. Heart Shaped Stitch Cornrows With Zig Zag

knotless braids with heart

This look is perfect for you if you’re looking for a casual and chic style that doesn’t require additional styling.

36. Multicolored Jumbo Cross Braids With Heart

heart shaped cornrows on black women

Want to rock heart braids but can’t decide what colour to choose? Then combine different shades like this style. It looks fun and adds more depth to the overall look. For the dark blonde curly look, you can add blonde curly hair pieces towards the ends of the braids.

What You’ll Need: Blonde braiding hair, and golden braiding hair

37. Stitch Braids With Heart Design

straight backs with heart design

Add some fun and unique details to your cornrows by incorporating heart braids and single box braids in the back section, as done here.

38. Half-up Half Down Box Braids With Mini Hearts

heart shaped box braids

These box braids are cute and adorable. They are perfect for kids, teenagers and adults alike. To make it age-appropriate, you can switch up the colors of the braids and choice of beads.

39. Straight Back Cornrows With Two Hearts

heart braids on black hair

If you want to rock your heart braids in a simple way that isn’t too over the top, this style is the perfect look to try. The hearts add a subtle detail that is modest and hardly noticeable.

What You’ll Need: Black kanekelon hair packs

40. Heart Shaped Knotless Box Braids

single braids with heart shaped parts

This style is great for hardcore fans of box braids who still want to hop on the heart-braid trend. The heart-shaped braids create a peek-a-boo moment when your part the hair.

What You’ll Need: Gold/ color #27 braiding hair

Fall in love with these 40 heart-shaped cornrows protective hairstyle ideas


The main thing to keep in mind is that heart-shaped cornrows are a super popular style that can be made and incorporated into many different looks and braids styles. With numerous colors, designs, sizes, and styles, these heart design cornrows have something for everyone. So, be sure to bring some of the cute options on this list when you’re heading to your next braid appointment.