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How To Achieve Your Natural Hair Goals Everytime

Do you set natural hair goals for your hair every year? The first few days in the new year is always filled with excitement, optimism, and positivity, as most people are convinced that the new year will solve all the problems that they’ve had in previous years.

But unfortunately, a few weeks after January 1st, these same people will begin to realize that nothing is changing, and they will quickly return to their “old ways” of doing things. When December rolls in, they will now ask themselves where did the time go?

How come their hair never grew despite all the money and time they spent on it? Why, why, why?

So, if you don’t want to spend a whole year on wasted efforts and you actually want to achieve your hair goals this year, here are the things that you need to do.

1) Have a hair regimen

 A regimen is simply a plan of action for your hair. When creating your regimen, you will need to factor in the products you’ll be using in your hair, when you’ll be using them, how you’ll be using them and how you’ll be using them. Your regimen should have at least a 4-week plan on how you’ll be taking care of your hair.

2) Have a list of products that you will be using this year

Although products won’t make your hair grow, they can, however, help to keep more hair on your head. They can also help to define your hairstyles so that it turns out the way you want it to. 




3) Have a list of products that you will NOT use in your hair this year

So, great hair products can help your hair to look like sunshine and roses. But bad hair products can, unfortunately, make your hair look like a hot mess. Not only that, they can also break your hair, make it feel dry, and even hinder hair growth.
So, if you have any hair product that falls under any of this category, it’s best that you give them away to someone else that might appreciate them.

Since everyone’s hair responds to products differently, what’s bad for you could actually be good for them.

4) Have a list of hairstyles that can help you to achieve your hair goals

If your hair goal this year is to have longer hair, you will be more likely to put your hair in a protective style for at least 60% of the time. Mind you, a protective style doesn’t necessarily mean braids, weaves, and more braids.
A simple two-strand twist that you leave in for around 5 days will be just as effective in helping you to reach your hair goals.

5) Have a list of hairstyles that you will NOT be wearing this year or that you will be wearing less of this year.

The main reason why a lot of women are unable to grow their hair long can be traced down to the hairstyles that they wear.
The honest truth is that the majority of the hairstyles that Black women like to wear are actually not good for the scalp and the health of the hair. If you want to find out how to differentiate between a protective hairstyle and a destructive hairstyle, please read this post.

What are your hair goals for this year and how do you plan to achieve them?

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