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How to choose products for combination (mix of fine, med & coarse) hair

(Last Updated On: December 9, 2017)

As promised at the meet up, I will be answering all the questions asked at the meetup on the blog as a refresher and to also provide some knowledge for those who couldn’t make it.

combo hair

So when choosing products for combination hair, it’s best to choose products that caters to coarse hair. For those of us with a scientific background, we probably know about the “Law of Osmosis” which states that water will move from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration. What this means is that each individual hair strand will continue to accept the contents of the product until it has reached its maximum capacity and is unable to accept additional water particles. Depending on the size of each strand, the amount of product that goes into the cuticles will vary such that thicker strands will suck up more products than fine hair and so you want to make sure that you’ve given your hair enough food. However, if you use light products which are catered to fine hair, the thicker strands will be parched because its hasn’t been fed enough.

So it’s always best to use more products than less and let science do its job. The excess products will be later absorbed or will get rubbed off in your hands or whatever hair or head accesory you choose to adorn your tresses with.

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