Video: How to Detangle Your Child’s Natural Hair TEARS FREE

(Last Updated On: March 22, 2015)
By DiscoveringNatural

When it comes to detangling your child’s hair, it can go either of 2 ways.
Way 1:  Filled with tears … coming from your child and maybe yourself
Way 2:  A no stressful experience.

I prefer Way 2 better, don’t you?  My younger daughter is very tender headed and I make sure to take my time when detangling her hair. Here are some things we do:

Pick your detangling location
I choose our game room. This room is her favorite room in the house.

Provide distraction
Turned on the TV to her favorite show. I also provided her with a small snack. Her Barbie dolls were readily available.
Get all your detangling products available
While she was watching her show, I mixed the products for detangling. I do the detangling during pre-poo step of the whole wash process. I mixed conditioner and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Also, got a mist bottle filled with water.

Start detangling the hair
I divided her hair into four sections.  Starting with the most tender part of her head and I gently detangling that section with my finger. I hold on to the base of the hair that is being detangled and then work my way from the ends of the hair to the base. When I finish with one section, I two strand twist it.  I do this step for each of the sections.  One thing to note before you start finger detangling, check your finger nails for any nails that might snag on her hair.  Also, be extremely gentle with the hair. If you come across a knot, apply more of the detangling mixture to soften it before you attempt to untangle it.

Watch as I demonstrate the two ways you can detangle natural hair (my older daughter is our model)

Using your fingers
Using a WIDE TOOTH comb

If you encounter matted hair, you can use the method below to detangle it

About Sola

Sola is the mother of two natural hair girls, known to all, as “Big Sis” and “Lil Sis”. She is a blogger and advocate for helping parents with caring for their children’s hair and also their own hair. Sola is passionate about helping other people discover what being natural is, hence why her blog and YouTube channel is known as “DiscoveringNatural”. She enjoys spending time with her family and sharing life experiences with her friends, family and YouTube friends on her vlog channel, “DNVlogsLife”. Sola’s natural hair journey started with one year of transitioning. She had already transitioned her older daughter the year prior and was fully equip with doing so herself. The information she gathered during this time was valuable in educating others following the same path to returning to being natural. As of November 2013, Sola has been two years natural, however, the amount of knowledge she has learnt from this journey has been enormous. Her goal is to help others have a successful natural hair journey, and also teach parents how to manage their children’s natural hair.