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How to Find Time for Your Natural Hair

(Last Updated On: November 3, 2020)

I often get a lot of women tell me that they don’t have time for their natural hair, and they can’t imagine how all these Naturals manage to spend hours on their hair every week.

Since we are all given the same amount of time on a daily basis, it’s up to each and every one of us to decide on how we want to spend those time.

To tell you truth, a lot of people these days are not spending their time wisely. Far too many people spend a portion of their day glued to their phones and electronic devices, jumping from one social media account to the other, liking, sharing, and commenting on posts that adds no value to their lives.

I’m not trying to say that it’s wrong to go on social media, as that’s one of the ways that I use to connect with you all. But unless you take an account on how you spend every minute of your day to see how you can do better, you will always end up asking yourself the same set of questions that sounds something like this “wow, where did they time go?”

If you don’t want to be asking yourself such question at the end of the day, here are 5 ways that you can free up more time for yourself so that you can spend it caring for your natural hair or doing other important tasks.

Browse social media with a purpose

I won’t tell you not to go on social media, because I obviously need you to like, comment and share my posts on my Twitter, Facebook and other social media account :). But what I would advise is to have a reason to go on those social media account, and once your mission has been accomplished, I would recommend that you immediately log off. You have to decide not to get distracted by all the noise on social media.

Remove those addicting social media apps from your phone

I used to spend a lot of time on my Facebook profile browsing through my feed to comment, like and share people’s post. Sometimes I would spend as much as 30 minutes just going through my newsfeed!

Time that I could have spent crafting a blog post, reading or even taking a nap. So to curb this addiction, I decided to delete the Facebook app from my phone. Instead, I might allocate about 5 minutes checking my notification for anything important and I try to stay away from my news feed as much as I can.

Since Facebook page is different from the general Facebook app, I’m still able to go on my Facebook fan page a few times in a day to respond to messages and comments.

Put your phone on silence

Let’s face it, there are so many things that’s trying to get our attention these days. Almost every app has notifications on it that goes off almost every second! So someone uploaded a picture on their Facebook profile, why do I care?

These tiny noises is the reason why so many people can’t focus on a task. As soon as you’ve sat down to work on something, your phone suddenly goes off to let you know that a friend has liked your post, replied to your comment or posted something cool online.

If you put your phone on vibrate, the buzzing sound of the phone can still keep you from getting things done. So to eliminate the noise, just put your phone on silence and have it face down so that you’re not tempted to check your phone so often

Turn your phone off or put it away

Merely putting our phone on silence might not be enough. Sometimes you go check your phone for the time or weather, the next thing you find yourself scrolling through your Instagram feed. So to keep yourself from getting distracted, just turn off your phone. Trust me, the world won’t come to an end if you do this.

The time that a lot of us spend on our phones could be wisely spent on other life benefiting activities. For you, that could mean spending the 3 hours that you would have spent checking your Facebook newsfeed to wash, deep condition and practice flat twisting your natural hair.

As you can see, all of us have the time for our natural hair, we just don’t spend them wisely enough.


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