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TMC Answers: How to Manage Hair Breakage

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Reader Asks: Hello Mane Captain, pls I need your advice.
I want to go natural and i am 4months now without relaxer but the problem is that the front hair are now breaking and I don’t want to cut the relaxed part yet.
Please what can I do.

TMC Answers: 
Hi, there are several causes to your breakage. How long has your hair been breaking? What products are you currently using? Have you switched products recently? Also, is your hair currently braided? If so, how tight is it?

To tackle breakage, I suggest doing a protein deep conditioning treatment to make your hair stronger and a moisturizing treatment to restore your hair’s elasticity.
One of the reasons why your hair is breaking could be due to over manipulation, dryness (hence the need for a moisturizing treatment) or weak hair strands which is caused by relaxers (hence the need for a protein treatment). I don’t know which country you currently reside in and so I cant recommend a product. But I can recommend some everyday items which can be easily found around your house or in the market to help solve the issue.

For moisturizing treatment: mix honey and olive oil with a moisturizing deep conditioner, make sure it says moisture or hydration: on the bottle. You could also do an avocado treatment where you mix avocado,olive oil and honey together. This treatment should be done EVERY WEEK until your hair is no longer breaking excessively. And then you can switch to a biweekly treatment
– Apply mixture on hair, cover with a plastic wrap and let it sit for about

For protein treatment: mix an egg with mayonnaise. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you could add some olive oil and honey to the mixture and apply to your hair after washing it..
You will need to follow this treatment with a moisturizing treatment because protein treatments can sometimes make the hair feel stiff. This treatment should be done every other week. You can then switch to a monthly treatment once your hair has been strengthened.

Leave in: after you’ve washed and deep conditioned, you will need to apply a leave in conditioner to your hair and seal with shea butter, olive oil or coconut oil.

Styling: I’ll advice wearing buns and other low manipulation hairstyles that doesn’t need to be disturbed for days at a time.

Also, avoid using combs and doing tight hairstyles for now.

All the best