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How to remove chewing gum from your child’s natural hair

Children will always be children, no matter how much we discipline them. I remember going to bed one night when I was a little girl with gum in my mouth and waking up the next morning with the gum in my hair! Let’s just say that I never went to bed again with anything in my mouth.

So, what should a parent do when this happens? Should you cut off that patch of hair? Should you shave the child’s hair to teach her a lesson? Well, fear not, because all you need is ice.

You simply take a few blocks of ice, tie them in a plastic bag, rub the bag on the gum until it hardens, then carefully break/remove the gum from the hair. Wash the hair afterwards and then have a talk with your little one.

Has this ever happen to you as a child or parent? How did you solve this problem? what other methods did you use?