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30 Marley Loc Knot Bob Hairstyles – Includes Tutorial and Haircare Tips

Locs are a beautiful hairstyle that has become increasingly popular over the last few months.

It can be styled in many ways. So it’s no surprise that protective locs are an afro hair favorite. Especially for ladies rocking natural dreads or faux locs.

So whether you have newly locked hair or they’ve been in for some time, we will explore some luscious loc knot bob hairstyles to try out.

We’ll also provide insightful tips to maintain your healthy locs when producing that perfect look.

How do I do loc knots?

Loc knots typically involve using the two-strand twist method. To create a loc knot, start by parting the hair using a rat tail comb into the section size you want for each loc, then split that into two-strands.

Take one strand by wrapping it in a spiral motion, using a twist and lock gel. Add a clip to secure the hair in place. Do the same to the second strand.

Once you’ve twisted both strands about a quarter-way down the hair, start twisting them together. Then wrap the twists at the ends into knots. 

What are some loc maintenance tips to try at home?

Remember to clean your locs regularly by using a mild shampoo and a nourishing loc oil.

If you want to avoid the locs becoming heavy, use lightweight styling products, like leave-in conditioners.

You can avoid unwanted tension to the scalp when styling or separating locs with a comb. While only using wide-toothed combs for detangling.

Additionally, sleeping on satin pillowcases or using silk bonnets will avoid tangling during the night.

What’s the difference between locs and dreads?

Locs are styles when the hair is intentionally twisted together to form thicker strands.

In contrast, dreads or dreadlocks can form naturally without any treatments but can be styled. Additionally, dreads tend to be thicker and more matted than locs.

Do I need real locs to try this loc knot bob style?

You don’t need real locs to try a protective loc knot bob style. There are synthetic locs available at beauty supply stores to mimic the look of real locs.

How long do loc knot bobs last?

A loc knot bob hairstyle can last a few weeks. Basic care is necessary, including regular moisturizing with occasional retwisting of the knots to keep it looking neat.


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Stunning Loc Knot Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

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1. Simple Faux Loc Knot Bob

loc knot bob style on black women

For a protective style, try these simple twist faux locs. The knot on the ends will stay neat, while this look can be worn down or in a ponytail.

2. Two-strand Twist Locs in a High Ponytail

loc knot ponytail hairstyles

Add some color to your locs, whether using a mild hair dye or colored synthetic loc extensions to achieve this style.

3. High Ponytail with Small Locs

loc knot hairstyle with highlights

Smaller locs tend to last longer in this knot bob style. Try out a high ponytail if there isn’t too much tension in the scalp. If there is, try using aloe vera gel to ease irritation.

4. Black Twist Locs with Baby Hairs

loc knot bob on black girls

You can’t go wrong with an all-black loc knot style. Complement the bob with exaggerated baby hairs using an edge control gel.

5. Blonde Loc Bob Twists and Small Knots

blonde loc knot bob hairstyles

Lighter hair colors can suit a range of melanated skin tones, as shown above. Keep twisted locs thin and the knots small to complete the look.

6. Curly Loc Bob

invisible locs hairstyle for black ladies

Marley twists can be curled using hair roller rods to create a gorgeous curl pattern for your bob.

7. Faux Locs Twists

loc knot hairstyle on black women

If you want to try locs but don’t want to invest in them full-time, try these faux locs twists with wrap-around ends. Achieve this style using crochet loc hair and a crochet tool.

8. Natural Two-strand Twist Dreads

ginger loc knot haistyle

Thick dreads can be kept neat with these two-strand twists creating larger twists for your bob. Why not make the style pop with a vibrant hair dye in ginger?

9. Side Part Loc Bob with Pink Extensions

black and pink loc knot

Give a side part a go when styling your loc knot bob. Twist in some colored soft loc extensions and slick the baby hairs for an edgy look.

10. Thin Two-strand Locs in Red

burgundy mini loc knot

The more color you want to use the better, as we can see with these beautiful red dreadlocks, which are thinly twisted. The color can last up to 6 weeks before the roots show. 

11. Short Loc Bob with Edges

jumbo loc knot bob haistyle

This chin-length dreadlock knot bob is ideal if you like your hair down. However, you can make the knots shorter for more length to put the hair in a ponytail if rubber bands are on the ends.

12. Hexagonal Part Loc Knot Bob

loc knot hairstyle with blonde

More intricate loc styles can include different shaped partings, perfect for a fresh retwist. Keep the style short by wrapping the twists halfway into knots and tying in rubber bands.

13. Long Twisted Dreads with Gold Cuffs

knotless loc knot with hair cuffs

Ladies with lusciously long dreadlocks can use the two-strand method to their preferred length and finish the ends in knots, while the gold cuffs add charm to the look.

14. Medium-sized Loc Bob

loc knot bob for black girls

If you want your twists to come out thicker, opt for medium partings in between strands on natural dreads. Wear this style down and finish with colored rubber bands.

15. Large Faux Loc Bob Twists

knotless loc knot bob hairtsyle

Whether you want more length to your natural locs or wish to give faux loc twists a go, these large shoulder-length twists will suit you, especially if you have thicker hair.


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16. Twisted Loc Bob on Thick Hair

short loc knot for dark skin

Thick hair suits loc knot bob styles effortlessly. Like these single twists using a twist and lock gel, bands on the ends, and stylish shell hair accessories.

17. Single Twists Bob

loc knot bob for black women

These single twists are similar to locs but don’t require a loc gel to keep them in place. They’re lightweight and can last up to a month before they need restyling.

18. Thick Blonde Marley Loc Bob

blonde invisble locs on black women

The next time you get your dreadlocks retwisted you can ask your loctician to play around with color and volume. Use flexible rods and a leave-in conditioner to keep these bouncy curls tight.

19. Triangle Part Twist Locs

traingle part short loc knot

Thinner hair types may want to choose triangle partings for a change in their locs. Color the ends and wrap them into knots to recreate this look we see above.

20. Large Parted Two-strand Loc Twists

brown loc knot hairstyle for black women

Thicker type 3 and type 4 hair textures can give these large parted locs twists a shot. Using a strong gel can last up to 4 weeks before retwisting.

21. Twist Loc Bob with Thick Knots

loc knot hair for black girls

Longer loc lengths can try these larger wrapped knots. This style can be worn as a side or middle part and lasts a few weeks.

22. Thick Dreadlock Bob with Ombre Colors

ombre loc knot bob

Natural dreads are very adaptable. So consider these two-strand multi-colored twists with large knots and hair cuffs. Perfect for the summer.

23. Natural Locs in Knot Bob and Bangs

loc knot bob with bangs

Take your locs to the next level by adding knots to your twisted bangs. To sleep in this style, you can clip the bang back and use a silk bonnet to keep it fresh for a few weeks.

24. Thick Side Part Dread Bob in Red

red loc knot with weave

Thicker afro-type hair will look amazing in these large loc twists. A side part allows the dreads to frame the face, while the red dye is fun for your next spring/ summer color.

25. Chin Length Loc Knot Bob

blonde loc knot bob

Shorter locs will look lovely in a chin-length bob. The knots can also be small and tied with rubber bands to complete the style.

26. Large Blue Two-strand Loc Twists

knotless loc knot bob on black women

If you want to switch up your locs, especially if you’ve had them in for a few years, try adding blue. This color pops in the colder months and looks stunning in the sun.

27. Vibrant Loc Twist Bob Design

colorful loc knot hairstyle

Diversify your hair with these full-length multi-colored knots that have flower-shaped designs on each. This style can last up to 8 weeks and can still be unique if you wish to remove the knots.

28. Box Parted Single Twist Loc Bob Knot

loc knot hair on black women

Your locs will stay neat with box parted single twists. Use a styling gel on the scalp and edges, and wrap the natural locs on the ends to finish the bob.

29. Slick Back Natural Loc Bob

knotless loc knot bob for black women

Keep the locs in place when they’re slicked back and held with a hair tie or clip. The knots can be wrapped as high or low as you prefer, depending on how long the locs are.

30. Thin Twist Loc Knot Bob

brown loc knot bob on black women

For thin hair textures, these small two-strand twists don’t cause too much tension to the scalp. Keep the knots small, and maintain the moisture with a leave-in spray.

Elegant Loc Knot Hairstyles you should try!