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5 Popular Myths About Moisturizing Natural Hair That Are Not True

(Last Updated On: February 12, 2021)
In this post, I want to clear up some of the biggest myths and misunderstandings that you might have been led to believe about how to moisturize dry natural hair. 
In the past few years, I have been seeing so many people making ridiculous assumptions and spreading misinformation about what it takes to keep natural hair moisturized. Infact, this is one of the reasons why I had to take my natural hair education offline. 

What’s unfortunate is that these hair tips are so widespread in the natural hair community that everyone now believe them to be true. 

You might have heard one or more of these myths from the internet or from friends who aren’t experts. 

1. Water is your hair’s best friend 

I’ve read hair articles where the author recommends moisturizing your hair three times a day. Some also recommend carrying a spritz bottle in your handbag so that you can keep your hair hydrated all day long.
Not only do I find this ridiculous, but I also think it’s unnecessary.  If you have to moisturize your hair more than once a day, you might need to check the product you’re using and consider making a switch.

You might also need to check your hair habit and the health of your hair to see what might be causing it to dry up so quickly. 
In the MRB program, I explain the real factors that affects your hair’s moisture retention capability, so that you can stop wetting your hair more often than necessary.

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2Hair products are full of harmful chemicals, so you should be using food in your hair

If you’re not coloring or relaxing your hair, you don’t need to worry about the chemicals in your shampoos and conditioners.
While there’s nothing wrong with a simple DIY every now and then, you should also understand that hair products are formulated by professionals who went to school to learn about hair science. So it’s best to leave the concoctions to professionals who know what they’re doing. 

I understand it might take a bit of a trial and error to find the best products that work with your hair. But you can’t give up. If natural hair products are too expensive where you live, you can substitute it with affordable hair products that fits your budget.
In MRB, I show you how to choose the best products for your hair, so that you can start eating your food instead.
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3. Elaborate wash days will help you to retain moisture longer

Even though wash days are the most important days for your hair, what you do to your hair after wash day is also very important. More so, your selection of hair products also plays a big role on moisture retention.

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4. You need a lot of hair products to keep your natural hair moisturized 

When you layer products on your hair, it can weigh your hair down and prevent moisture from absorbing into your hair. This can in turn make your hair to feel dry even though you’ve just layered expensive products on your hair. 

In module 2 of MRB, I talk about what product conflict is and how it contributes to dry hair. 

5. You need to eat healthily, drink lots of water and maintain a healthy lifestyle to have moisturized hair

Eating healthy and drinking lots of water is beneficial for your entire body, which also includes your hair. However, once your hair grows out of your scalp, you will need to deal with it from the outside. It doesn’t matter how many gallons of water you drink, the brand of hair vitamins you take or what your diet looks like, if you don’t have a healthy-hair regimen, your hair will remain dry and break off. 

I believe it’s important for everyone to have basic knowledge on the science of their hair. This is the reason why it’s the first module in MRB.

Now that you see they are just common misunderstandings, I don’t want you to let them stop you from having healthy moisturized hair. 
Here’s the truth, when you know the real facts about your hair, you won’t believe everything you hear about your hair.  If you’re ready to see changes in your hair, I’d like to invite you to join me in “Moisture Retention Blueprint”, a course all about how to get your hair to retain moisture longer than it currently does.   

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