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Natural Hair Growth & Moisture Retention Resources Vault

Welcome and thanks for visiting this page.

After many years of blogging about natural hair, I have created a variety of natural hair resources (tips, guide, checklist, recipes, worksheets, directory, e-books e.t.c) that are all designed to help you achieve your natural hair goals and dreams.

natural hair growth challenge

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Below, I’ve organized all my free resources according to topics. I will be updating this page as I create more resources that I know will help you to grow the hair of your dreams.

Tip: Only download the resource that you need RIGHT NOW. This way, you can avoid overwhelm that comes with having too much information. Remember that you have the password, so you can always come back to download more resources that will address your current hair needs.

Have a suggestion on what I should create next? Leave a comment below!

Hair Growth Resources

1. Length Check Chart

2. Natural Hair Checklist

3. Beginner’s Guide to Natural Hair E-Book. Click the image below to download.

Moisture Retention Resources for Dry Natural Hair

4. Seven Days Moisture Retention Regimen

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5. Dry Hair Hair Spritz Recipe

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Coming soon…

natural hair tips



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