(Last Updated On: November 27, 2018)

When I started my natural hair journey back in 2009, I didn’t know anything about natural hair moisture retention. I had a rough beginning because my hair was always dry, brittle and unmanageable. 

Also, I couldn’t wear it out and I had to hide under braids and weaves. 

One thing I knew for sure was that I was not going back to a relaxer. So I went to the store to buy a texturizer to help loosen my coils.

It then occurred to me that I don’t like greasy hair and I was too lazy to maintain Jheri curls.

And so I hopped on YouTube to look up how to make my hair coily. 

However, as my hair grew longer and more channels and hair sites were popping up, I started to get a bit confused and overwhelmed by the amount of information online. 

Being the thinker brain that I am, I knew I had to take my learning offline, even if it meant spending money. 

These books dove deep into everything that I needed to learn. From the science of my hair to the politics and history of black hair texture. 

I typically prefer to read a book or take a course on a subject that I am interested in, rather than going online because the information are often organized in a logical manner. 

Instead of spending hours or days researching a subject online, I would rather buy books or look for a course on that subject.

This is because I know the authors would have already done all the legwork of researching and organize the information in a logical order. 

After reading these books, I was no longer confused about what to do because I had learnt about how hair products work, why my hair felt dry, how to take care of my hair and keep it in an optimal state. 

It was like I had gone to a hair school and graduated with an honours degree on kinky hair. 

Within just 30 days, I could notice a major difference in the look and feel of my hair. 

Soon, styling and caring for my hair had become a weekly routine and a habit. 

why i teach about natural hair moisture retention

Now that I’ve discovered the root causes of dry hair and solved the problem, I want to help as many women as possible to do the same.

I also want to show women like yourself that having kinky natural hair can be enjoyable, manageable and easy. Natural hair doesn’t have to be as complicated and time-consuming as the online world has shown them to be.

And that’s why I’m so excited to be reopening the enrollment for my course, “Moisture Retention Blueprint.” 

Let’s be honest, dry hair isn’t sexy because when my hair is dry, it feels like a rock that cannot be reshaped. 

This is why I am so excited to teach an enthusiastic group of women exactly how I have done this. And bring a great group together for 6 weeks of step by step lessons, community, and implementation!

I hope to see you in the course

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