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Natural Hair Wash Day in 4 Steps | Hot Oil, Deep Condition, Moisturize & Stretch

Sundays are usually my wash days, and so last night, I decided to spend some time to bring my dry hair back to life as I’ll be going to a few events this coming weekend, including a valentines dinner party that i’m hosting on Saturday. And so I wanted to make sure that my hair will be popping!

The whole treatment took a few hours, but if you factor out the time spent sitting around while I had the treatment in my hair, I would say that the application process took about 90min.

Step 1: Olive & Coconut Oil Hot Oil Treatment

– I combined a few tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) and extra virgin coconut oil (EVCO) in a small boil and I warmed up the oil mixture using the double boiler method. *The double boiler method gradually increases the temperature of the mixture, so that the essential vitamins and the chemical properties of the oils are preserved*.
– I then applied the oil in my hair and covered it with a plastic bag.
–  To maintain the warm temperature of the oil and to increase the deep conditioning process, I wore a wool hat to trap heat on my scalp.
– I let this sit in for a few hours and mehn, my hair smelt absolutely delicious!

Step 2: Honey & Moisturizing DCT

– I combined about a tablespoon of raw organic honey (though i’ll use a cheaper one next time) with some conditioner in a spray bottle.
– I then warmed up the mixture using the double boiler method
– I applied the mixture in my oil drenched hair, covered with a plastic cap and a heating cap. *I didn’t wash out the oil because I was lazy and I didn’t want to add more oils into the deep conditioner like I usually do.
– I then rinsed the product out of my hair with my hair while my hair was in 5 chunky twists

Step 3: Moisturize & Seal

– I applied a leave-in conditioner and sealed with a serum on each hair section
*I used a serum because I didn’t want greasy hair, though i’ll probably use my whipped shea butter when I eventually style my hair.

Step 4: Stretch

–  I twisted my hair into about 10 twists and I pulled, stretched and pinned each twists so that it will be stretched and ready to be styled.
– I then wrapped my hair with a silk scarf and went to bed!

Product Find Canada: Jason’s Conditioner, EVCO, and Honey can be purchased from any health foods store. Olive oil and Tresemme serum can be purchased from a grocery store.

How was your last wash day like? How often do you wash your hair?