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35 Natural Hairstyles for 10-Year-Old Kids in Elementary School

As a parent, you have to deal with the daily excitement and activities of raising your child and creating a healthy environment for them at home. On top of that, you also have to get her hair right and have her feel confident while at school. Whether you are keeping your girl’s hair relaxed or natural, there are amazing hairstyles that you can try and give her not only a school-appropriate look but an enviable one too. 

Before we get to the amazing hairstyle ideas for your 10- year old, here are some helpful questions and answers that will add to your knowledge of styling your girl’s hair. 

What hairstyle is best for school girls?

Many hairstyles are appropriate for school girls, but before you decide on the style, confirm the school’s dress code policy before choosing that elaborate hairstyle for school.  The best hairstyle for school girls is the one that will not only make your work easy during those rushed mornings, but it will also stay in place for 6-8 hours, especially if it is not the protective kind. 

How do I keep my girl’s hair neat for school?

This will depend on whether it is natural, relaxed or braided. To achieve healthy and beautiful hair that always looks neat when styled, moisturize it and give it gentle treatment. This ensures it remains glossy, in place, and neat for school. Choose a style that is neat if it is a protective hairstyle. 

Can my 10-year-old wear hair extensions?

Kids below 10 years shouldn’t wear hair extensions because they can damage the hair. The hair of children under 10 is still growing and requires room to breathe and grow freely. A 10-year-old child can wear hair extensions comfortably because their hair and scalp are strong enough to house extensions by then.

What is the best hair regimen for a Ten-year-old girl?

It is important to keep your child’s hair moisturized, and you can best do this by massaging the hair and scalp with natural oils such as olive oil, jojoba oil and coconut oil. Then always use shampoo and conditioner that contains hydrating properties and is made with natural ingredients when cleansing your little girl’s hair. 

How often should I shampoo and deep condition my child´s hair?

This will depend on the kind of hair your child has. Hair is different, but deep conditioning and shampoo should generally be done from twice a month to once a week. Look at your child’s hair type, is it voluminous and requires weekly treatment to thrive, or is it perfect even when treated twice a month? 


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Top Natural Hairstyles For 10-Year-Old Elementary School Girls

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1. Sleek Front And Natural Curly Cascades

easy loose curls with band for 10 years old black girls

This is a lovely hairstyle where the front is smoothed out and styled with a  side-parting and the rest of the hair is held in place by a headband to keep it from coming to the front and also letting the rest of the hair hang free in beautiful cascading natural voluminous curls. This is perfect for a sunny school day when you want your child’s hair to breathe and be free but not messy.

2. Double Messy Afro Buns

double puff hairstyle for black girls

This adorably messy double afro bun is very simple to make. It begins at the front, with a mesh pattern with adornments, then goes up in double messy afro buns that are so stylish. This is a style that your little girl can wear to school for a couple of days.

3. Rolled Double Bun

easy natural double bun hairstyle for black teenage girls

The rolled double bun is a simple style that looks gorgeous and is very simple to create. Part the hair in the middle and hold up each part in an updo, twist it into a nice bun and hold it in place to create this lovely look. Smooth out the baby hair at the front with some hair gel as a finishing touch.

4. The Pushback Bun

sleek low bun hairstyle on black girl

This is it if you want a school-appropriate, conservative, lovely and simple style. Gather all the hair together towards the back of the head, roll it into a beautiful bun, and hold it in place with a band. This is a girly and elegant style that is not distracting at all. No hair on the face area at all.

5. Rolled Pony Bun With a Front Curly Cascade

top bun with side bangs on black girl

This is a top bun with style.  Hold most of the hair in an updo and into a bun with a beaded hair band. Leave some front-side hair to hang free, and add some curls at the end for a  stylish finishing touch. A stray strand is added on the side to complete the lovely look.

6. Corn Rows With Twisted Strands And Ends

two strand twist for 10 years old black girl

The cornrows are on one side, which ends in twisted ends, while the twisted strands are on the other. This is a protective style that your child can wear to school for two weeks. It is easy to create and easy to remove.  These cornrows appear on the side with the twisted strands, and one cornrow goes against the flow of the others and hangs on the side with a twisted end.

7. Few Natural Twist Locs

easy protective hairstyle for black teenage girls

It is an easy style. You only need to segment the hair and do simple two-strand twist locs. You can do this style in the morning because it takes a few minutes, and your girl will be ready for school. Hold each twist loc with a mini hairband and use different colors for uniqueness. You girl can wear this style for a day or two and it will stay neat and very comfortable for her throughout her day in school.

8. Zig-Zag Linked Braids And Double Top Buns

double bun hairstyle with accessories for black girls

This is one of the most unique double bun ideas to make your girl stand out. The hair at the back is parted in a zig-zag pattern to create linked zig-zag braids which end in stunning double buns higher up. Some gold cuffs are added for stylishness and uniqueness. One braid is also left hanging and adorned in colored beads as a colorful finishing touch.

9. Front Linked Braids With Pony Twists

two strand twist hairstyle with accessories for black girls

 The front area has beautiful linked braids adorned with gold cuffs that end in lovely pony twists held in place by a band. This is a great protective style that your little girl can wear for a week and takes a short time to create. Removal is also easy, and it doesn’t put any strain on the scalp or hairline.

10. Natural Corn Rows With Twist Ends And Side Parting

easy cornrow hairstyle for black kids

This is a natural hairstyle that is so unique. The cornrows begin as a side parting at the front right and end in natural twists. The others curve backwards stylishly and end in natural twists too. It is a unique and natural protective style that will last your girl up to three weeks.

11. Two-line Cornrows  With Curly Cascades

easy natural braid hairstyle for 10 years old brown girls

When you want something quick and elegant, then this two-line cornrow style will do. The two cornrows begin at the front after the hair has been parted and end in curly cascades, which could be natural hair or extensions.

12. Pushback Cornrow Lines

cornrows with low bun hairstyle for black girls

The cornrows begin with a zig-zag front parting and end in braids rolled into a bun. This is a lovely conservative style that is also protective. You girl with go with this style to school for upto three weeks if well maintained.

13. Side Cornrows With Beaded Braids And Bow

school hairstyle with beads for black kids

This lovely style is perfect for a school picture day or if there is a fashion even at school. It is a lovely style for school and meant to make a statement, especially if it is for a school show and your girl happens to be performing. She will look adorable in these beaded cornrow braids.

14. Banana Cornrow Side Ponytail With Curly Ends

ponytail hairstyle for black teenage girls

These lovely banana-shaped cornrows with a side ponytail and curly ends are divine. They are simple, protective and will last up to four weeks. Add a beaded hair tie for a unique touch and the look will be complete. A great option if you want something that will last longer for your child.

15. Cornrows With Double-Beaded Ponytail

double ponytail hairstyle with braided bangs on black girl

Very neat-looking cornrows that first begin with two of them rolling on each side of the front and ending in a beaded hanging braid. The rest go back and then end in two ponytails. Each ponytail has braids with beaded ends. A great protective hairstyle if you would love to forget about having to make your girl’s hair for 5 weeks.

16. Hanging Goddess Braids With Curly Ends

braided hairstyle with accessories for black girls

This is a lovely hairstyle that will make your ten-year-old happy. The goddess braids are thick, bold, black, and have a side parting. They also have detail in the form of a gold thread interlaced within the braids to create a unique look. The gold cuffs add a finishing touch.They are perfect not only for school but for other occasions as well. The best thing is that they can be styled too.    

17. Beaded Mohawk Braids Lines

cornrows with beads for black kids

This is a beautiful mohawk style of cornrows ending in hanging beaded braids. It is a creative style with the lines meeting towards the center of the head mohawk-fashion to create these lovely hanging braids. It is great if you want something fun, stylish and  protective for a few weeks.

18. Purple And Brown Coils And Curls

faux locs with purple highlights on brown girl

This beautiful hairstyle for your girl is not subtle at all. The hairstyle is a statement on its own. The hair extension coils around the natural hair and ends beautifully messy curls whose overall look is stunning. This is a great style if your girl is doing a performance in school or there is an event like picture day. It will look great in those school videos and pictures.

19. Cornrow Long Pony Braids With Curls

high ponytail hairstyle with accessories for black girls

There is no girlier hairstyle than this one for a ten-year-old school-going girl. The braids begin from the edges and go up, ending in long braids with curly ends. You can hold the pony in place with a lovely bow as seen or with a beaded hair band if you prefer. Use silver cuffs for adornment or hanging rings to make the look more unique.

20. Mowhawk Spirals

mohawk buns hairstyle for black girls

This is a unique style where the braids begin from the sides and then end with three braided hair extensions curled in spiral buns to create the mohawk look. It is a lovely look for school and a wonderful protective hairstyle that your girl can wear for up to three weeks with the right care.


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Alluring Hairstyles For Your Elementary School Girls!

21. Cornrow Ponytail With Aqua Streak

stitch braids with highlights for black girls

A lovely and simple style that is also protective. The cornrow braids begin and end with a medium-length ponytail. A few braids are interlaced with aqua streaks for a unique look. The two colors blend beautifully. The hairstyle will last a couple of weeks and is convenient if you do not want to keep doing her hair every week.

22. Cornrow Ponytail  With Linked Front-pattern And Hanging Front Braids

ponytail hairstyle with beads on black teenage girl

Another creative style where the linked front patterns are held in place by colored mini hairbands, two braid strands hang at the front on each side and end in beads while the rest of the braids go up in a ponytail held in place by large colorful beads. It is a lovely way to do the cornrow ponytail style.

23. Middle Part Cornrows With Beads

cornrows hairstyle with beads for black kids

An adorable style where the cornrows part in the middle to create this wonderful cascade of braids that end in transparent beads stacked. It is an easy-to-manage style that your daughter will love.

24. Cornrows Double Bun With Hanging Braids

braided bun hairstyle for black girls

The cornrows don’t have to end in a single bun which is so cliche.  You can get a little playful with the double bun style and a couple of braids hanging free at the back. This style will not only make your baby girl look stunning, but it will last her a couple of weeks.

25. Side Flower Cornrow

stitch braid natural hairstyle for 10 years old black girls

This is a lovely and very unique cornrow style that showcases an artistic hairstyle. It requires an expert braider, but if your stylist can get it right, why not.  This adds a unique flair to what would have otherwise been simple straight-line cornrow braids.

26. Red Hanging Box Braids With Curly Ends

red braided hairstyle with curly end

If red is her color, she will love this style which is all red down to the curly ends. These box braids are few and will not take much time during creation. The hair is divided into cute triangular segments that create this lovely pattern. You can opt to dye the hair red or leave the natural hair color to create a beautiful contrast. 

27. Soft Spring Crotchet Braids

burgundy color hairstyle for black kids

If your girl’s hair is strong enough for crotcheting, this style is befitting.  It is beautiful and voluminous and can be styled however you, please. With a side parting, this style is absolutely stunning. That maroon color will look great with her school clothes or uniform if she wears one.

28. Top Single Braid Bun and Front Coiled Cascades

bun with bangs hairstyle for black girls

Beautiful is an understatement when it comes to this style. The braids go up to create a lovely single bun, but this hairstyle is unique because the front area has a middle parting of braids that end in coiled hanging braids. It is a beautiful twist, complete with gold cuffs on the bun.

29. Side Part Backward Cornrow Braids 

cornrows hairstyle with curly end for black girls

The cornrows have a parting at the side that goes to the center where they all begin. It is a lovely hairstyle where backward cornrows begin from the parting and go all the way, ending in curly extensions. It is a great style if you want a hairstyle that is not covering the face in any way.

30. Backward Cornrow Braids

stitch braid hairstyle with beads for 10 years old girls

 This is a simple style where the few braid lines go backwards and end in stacked beads. It takes a short time because it is just a few lines and it looks so gorgeous. She can wear this to school for weeks and it will still look awesome with proper care.

31. Double Cornrow Buns With White beads

double bun braid hairstyle for black girls

It is cute and simple, perfect, especially if your girl loves double buns. It is simple because the braids are part, and each goes up and ends with are rolled cute bun. The white beaded hair band creates a lovely black-and-white contrast. Still, you can use any preferred color of beaded hairband, and it will still look great.

32. Cornrow Ponytail Blue Butterflies and Bead Ends

ponytail hairstyle with accessories for black girls

A simple ponytail style that is simple and gorgeous. The braids are few but impressionable.  The accessories give this style a unique look. There is the large beaded hair band that holds the ponytail in place; then there is the beautiful blue miniature butterfly clips that bring life to this look. It finally ends in more style with lovely colored beads.

33. Braids With Curly Extensions

box braid hairstyle with highlights for black girls

They are lovely braids with curly extensions that give them a sophisticated look. There are blue streaks to break the monotony of color. You can style them in either a top bun with the curly strands hanging or as a hanging ponytail. Either way, you will win with this style for your daughter.

34. Protective Crotchet Twists With Blonde Curly Ends

natural hairstyle with accessories for 10 years old black girls

This is a protective hairstyle that is beautiful and voluminous. The crocheted braids hang free and end in lovely blonde curls. Colorful threads are also interlaced with the braids to give them a brighter and more attractive look. It is a great hairstyle if your girl loves crotchet hairdos.

35. Side Spiral, Top Extension Bun With Colored Thread

top knot with accessories for black girls

It is a lovely hairstyle with a unique spiral braid on the sides. The rest of the braids go up and end in an extension bun adorned in colored thread to give it uniqueness. The baby hairline is also smoothed out to create this wavy baby hair look. It is a unique hairstyle that will definitely have heads turning in admiration.

Cute School Hairstyles For Your Girls age 10 Years Old!


Your precious baby girl must look her best when she goes to her elementary school. Her hair must be beautifully done to match her outfits and boost her confidence. The above ideas should inspire you to choose the best hairstyle for your baby girl. With today’s children having strong opinions, it is also great to check with your child first before suggesting a hairstyle to the stylist. Also, remember to use the right hair products and have a regular hair regimen to ensure that your baby girl’s hair remains healthy and beautiful always and especially in it natural state.