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35 Easy Natural Hairstyles for 11-Year-Old Girls in Grade School


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Stunning Hairstyles for Girls age 11 Years Old!

1. Wash and Go

easy hairstyle for 11 years old black girl

A simple curly hairstyle is perfect for a little girl. Spritz some water and add a little but of gel to refresh her hair in the morning.

2. Press and Curl on Little Girls

natural hairstyle for black girls

For a different look, press her hair with a safe flat iron and add curls for a soft look. This hairstyle should only be done on a girl with healthy hair. To reduce heat damage, only straighten her hair once a year. You can also use the opportunity to trim her hair when you straighten it.

3. Sister Locs on Little Girls

natural hairstyle for black girls

Sister locs aren’t only for adults; they can also be worn by children. The only thing is that you will need to retwist her hair and have a disciplined hair routine so that her hair stays clean and healthy.

4. Two Strand Twists Mohawk

mohawk protective styles for 11 years old girls

Not sure what hairstyle to do next? Maybe you only have a few minutes to spare in the morning before heading out. This five-section mohawk is perfect for busy days. Accessorize it to your liking.

5. Halo Braid

side braid with weave on black girl

This hairstyle is best for special occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, and baby showers. Feed in small amounts of hair at a time for the braid, and wrap the ends with a jerry curl or any other curly hair weft.

6. Halo Braid with Crochet Twist Out

two side braids with curly end on brown girl

For kids with shorter hair, you can cornrow the middle of her hair so that you don’t have to pull her hair tight for the big cornrows. Then, crochet a curly hair piece like this Jamaican bounce hair to the tail of her cornrows.

7. Shoulder Legnth Marley Twists With a Side Cornrow

two strand twist hairstyle for black teenager girl

If you’re not ready to go all out on hair extensions on your little girl, you can gradually introduce curly hair extensions that mimics the texture of her hair such as Marley twists. You only need to add a small piece of hair; no one would know it’s not all her hair.

8. Fulani Cornrows on Little Girls

feed in braids with accessories for black girls

For kids who are already used to wearing hair extensions and sitting for over an hour to get their hair done, you can go with this hairstyle. It should last for at least a month. Apply some hair oil on her roots to prevent dryness. Use a soft unused toothbrush to shampoo her scalp, so that her cornrows can last, even after washing.

9. Double Stitch Braids Up-Do

braided bun with highlights for black girls

For kids with an active lifestyle who may not have the patience for weekly hair days, cornrowing their hair with hair extensions is the way to go. Use any hair extensions color of your choice.

10. Coil Leray Braids on Kids

simple braid hairstyle for 11 years old black girl

These knotless braids are just as beautiful on kids as they are on adults. Plase remember to braid loosely to avoid discomfort.

11. Knotless Braids with Coily Ends

box braids with curly end for black girls

After braiding her hair, curl the ends with small rod sets, dip it in hot water and unravel. Add age-appropriate hair accessories for a unique look.

12. Simple Box Braids

easy braid hairstyles for black girls

Box braids are perfect for summer camps and summer holidays. Your daughter has so many things to think of, her hair should be the last. If well taken care of, her braids should last for 4-6 weeks.

13. Braided Cornrows UpDo

braided bun with accessories for black teenage girls

This is a simple hairstyle that will keep her hair looking healthy and well-protected. For a realistic look, add small amounts of hair extension pieces on each cornrow and no one would know she added hair.

14. Stitch Braids Ponytail with Curly Ends

ponytail hairstyle with weave for black kids

This hairstyle is versatile and can be worn in several ways. Wrap it into a bun or let it down. On week 2, you can add colorful beads on the curly ends, and she can whip her hair down the school hallway.

15. Chunky Box Braids

half up half down with beads for black girls

For a style that won’t take long to take down, these chunky braids is the best hairstyle to go with. For a light-weight look, you can use smaller pieces of hair so that she doesn’t have to deal with the weight of hair extensions.

16. Half-Up Half-Down Cornrows

box braids hairstyles on 11 years old black girl

This hairstyle is so regal, it’s an exemplary style for a young princess. Simply cornrow the front section and style the back into box braids. Accessorize with gold hair threads and hair cuffs.

17. Curly Half-Up Half Down

half up half down with curly end for black girls


natural hairstyle for black girls 11 years old


half up half down with bow hairstyle on black girl


heart shaped cornrows for black girls


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Simple and Easy Hairstyles for 11 Years Old Girls!


box braid hairstyle for black kids


easy natural cornrows with accessories for black girls


cornrows with weave on black kid


stitch braid hairstyle with curly end for black girls


purple braids with beads for black girls


black and yellow braids for brown kids


braided buns for 11 years old black girls


pop smoke braids for black girls


waist length box braids for black girls


ponytail cornrows for black girls


box braid with curly end for black kids


cornrows with beads for black girls


braided hairstyle for black girls


school hairstyle for black girls


braid hairstyle with curly end for black girls


pink highlighs soft locs on black kids