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40 Age-Appropriate Natural Hairstyles for 4-Years Kids

How do you decide on an age-appropriate hairstyle for your 4-year-old? 

You want a style that will protect their gorgeous curls and coils. But also be suitable for their active lifestyles.

So this article highlights 45 adorable and practical natural hairstyle ideas for your busy toddler to try.

What is the best hairstyle for natural hair? 

Some popular natural hairstyles include protective styles, such as single plaits, twists, crochet extensions, box braids, and textured puffs. 

How do I take care of my afro hair?

It is also important to properly wash, condition, and moisturize your or your child’s natural hair. Remember to keep it hydrated with water-based and sulfate-free products. 

How can I style my toddler’s natural hair? 

Styling your child’s natural hair can be fun. Start by gently detangling their hair with a wide-toothed comb or brush, making sure to section off small areas at a time. After that, apply a tiny amount of leave-in conditioner or oil to the strands to lock in moisture. 

How do I prep my child’s natural hair for braids?

Use kid-friendly gels or styling creams to help hold the curls together while they air dry.  If you’re adding heat, choose a heat protectant before blow drying the hair, ensuring the hair is stretched so braiding is easier.

Do I need gel for short natural hairstyles?

Hair gel isn’t needed on short hair. It can keep the edges tamed, but if you wish to just use a deep conditioner, fun creative looks can still be achieved with shorter lengths.

1. Natural Long Afro

If your child wishes to wear their afro out, prep it for the day. Remember to condition the scalp, use an afro pick comb to detangle it, and hairspray to keep its shape. This style will last a day.

easy natural hairstyle for black kids

2. Summertime Afro with Butterfly Clips

Embrace your child’s natural afro with this beautiful style. Add some partings in the front with butterfly clip accessories, remembering to gel down the baby hairs to finalize the look.

afro hairstyle for black toddler

3. Jumbo Double High Puffs

These jumbo double high puffs are perfect for longer lengths. They keep the hair out of your child’s face, while the coils can be defined with a styling cream.

double puff hairstyle for black kids

4. Double Slick Bantu Knots and Leave Out

This 3-in-1 hairstyle is so cute and age-appropriate for your little one. Use a kid friendly gel to achieve the curls at the back and adorn the Bantu knots with matching hair bows.

natural hairstyle for black kids with short hair

5. Double Puff with Single Plaits and Beads

As your toddler’s hair grows, you can start adding cute plaits, as we see here, the double high puff has two mini braids with beads for more detail.

easy hairstyle for black girls

6. Type 4 Side Puffs with Accessories

For a fun twist, these side puffs will look stunning on your child’s natural type 4 hair. Here we see butterfly clips in two large puffs with slicked baby hairs.

natural hairstyle for black girls

7. Jumbo High Puff with Baby Hairs

For children with long and thick afro-textured hair, choosing a jumbo high puff is a practical style for school or playdates. It keeps the hair out of their face and looks neater with slick baby hairs.

easy hairstyle for black girl toddlers

8. Double Teeny Weeny Afro (TWA) Puffs

Shorter natural hair looks fun in simple double TWA puffs. It can be brushed into place daily with an edge control gel to keep flyaways down.

easy hairstyle for 4 years old girls

9. Minnie Mouse Double Puffs with Bantu Knots

High double puffs are adorable, especially these Minnie Mouse-inspired ones we see with double bows. Give these puffs more excitement with small Bantu knots at the front.

easy black girls hairstyle

10. Type 4 High Puff

This style is perfect at showing off that 4a to 4c coily texture. Smooth the edges and sides with gel and braid the puff before your child sleeps so that it lasts a couple of days.

simple hairstyle for 4 year old black kids

11. Thick Double Puffs with Slick Baby Hairs

Double puffs are the best choice for thick type 3 and 4 hair. They accentuate the natural curl or coil pattern and look great in the summer with slicked baby hairs.

easy black toddler hairstyle

12. Double High Puff with Gold Cuffs

Accessorize your child’s natural double puffs with gold cuffs. The contrast of the slicked hair on the scalp and the textured puffs makes this look stylish and sweet.

4 years old easy hairstyles

13. Double Top-Knots with Front and Back Cornrows

For shorter hair, tie your child’s locks into top knots, which you can keep neat if you style them daily. Then braid cornrows around the scalp to keep those edges protected.

easy hairtyle for black girls

14. Textured Updo Puff

Updo puffs are simple to do on your 4-year-olds. Remember to use a hair gel suited to naturally textured hair and a brush to slick it up.

high bun hairstyle for 4 year old black girl

15. Small Double Puffs with Slick Baby Hairs

For a quick hairstyle, try high double puffs. Perfect for short and long hair, complete these with baby hairs slicked down and a variety of colored accessories to match their cute outfits.

hairstyle for black toddlers

16. Sleek Top Knot and Baby Hairs

For children with longer locks, slicking them into a top knot with exaggerated baby hairs is a quick style to do. It can last up to a couple of days with a strong hold edge control gel.

high bun hairstyle with weave

17. Twisted Ponytails with Cornrows

Try these twisted ponytails on your child’s natural afro-textured hair, with cornrows in between for more fun. These are easy to achieve and can be accessorized with cute hair ties and beads.

two strand twist hairstyle for black kids

18. Jumbo Curly Double Puffs

You can highlight the natural texture of your 4-year-old’s hair by putting it into jumbo curly double puffs. The curls can be more defined using a styling cream to achieve this.

4 year old easy hairstyle

19. Chunky Twist Out Ponytails with Beads

Transform your child’s simple twist-out ponytails by adding smaller twists at the front of the scalp. Part the hair into four sections and complement it with changeable colorful beads

4 year old easy hairstyle

20. Parted Twist Pigtails for Type 3 Hair

If you’re not much of a braider or want to try something different, consider changing how you part the hair. Here we see multiple twisted pigtails, with beads keeping the hair stretched.

easy natural hairstyle for black kids

21. Triple Pigtails for Thinner Hair

If your child has thinner textured hair, choose a hairstyle with less tension, like these triple pigtails. They can be twisted and kept stretched with cute beaded hair ties.

easy hairstyle for 4 year old black girls

22. Twists Locs with Colorful Hair Ties

Many toddlers love color in their hair, so make these parted loc twists pop using bright hair ties. Don’t forget to use edge control to keep those baby hairs in place.

protective hairstyle for black girls

23. Double Rubber Band Low Buns

Switch up your child’s hairstyle with rubber bands and two puffy low buns. It’s perfect for school and can last up to a week. Include colored bows to match the band color.

easy natural hairstyle for toddlers

24. Small High Puff and Front Twist

If high puffs seem simple, you can add a couple of twists in the front of your child’s hair. Whether short or long hair, these twists will look adorable with changeable colored hair clips.

easy natural hairstyle for black girls

25. Type 3 Braided Pigtails

For long textured curls, separate your kid’s hair into pigtails and braid them to keep the ends secure. Here we see four pigtails neatly braided with exaggerated baby hairs and yellow accessories.

easy natural hairstyle for black kids

26. High Ponytail with Long Twists

Try this high ponytail and add smaller twists for longer hair. You can decorate with beads and cute hair ties.

little black natural hairstyle

27. Pigtails with Twists

The more pigtails the better when it comes to children’s natural hairstyles. You can twist each one and add colorful clips and hair ties to bring the look together.

easy hairstyle for 4 year old black girls

28. Stitch Braids with Heart and Top Knots

Stitch braids are popular, but be mindful that they’re not too tight for your child’s scalp. You can add this heart detail using a rattail comb, making it more adorable with high top knots or ponytails.

natural hairstyle for black kids

29. Single Plaits into a Top Bun

Single plaits look great on your child’s natural hair, as there isn’t too much tension on the scalp. You can add extensions for this puffy bun look or wear the hair down.

natural hairstyle for black girls

30. Middle Part Fulani Braids with Beads

This protective style is ideal for preventing breakage. Ensure the hair isn’t braided too tightly onto the scalp, and finish it with baby hairs and beads on the ends.

simple hairstyle for black girls

31. Diagonal Cornrows with Twist Ponytails

Try these larger cornrows with twisted ponytails. Finish them off with changeable cute bubble ties and hair clips. This style can be kept neat for three to four weeks.

little black natural hairstyle

32. Cornrows with Top Knot and Front Ponytail

Make your child’s cornrows last with this hairstyle. The top knot keeps most of the hair secure, while the braided front ponytail adds more excitement to the look.

cornrow hairstyle on black girls

33. Criss-Cross Design with Braids

Colored rubber band styles add beauty to your daughter’s hair, as we see above. Create a criss-cross pattern with braided ends and beads so it lasts a couple of weeks.

criss cross hairstyle for black girls

34. Stitch Braid Top Knot with Braided Side Bangs

Instead of a simple top-knot, add stitch braids with radiant colorful threads braided into the hair. They keep your child’s hair secure, and the braided bangs add a cute finish to the style.

cornrow hairstyle for black girls

35. Fulani Braids in a High Ponytail

Fulani braids are perfect for protecting your little one’s hair for a few weeks. You can add extensions for more length, some beads, and a cute bow to complete the look.

cornrows hairstyle on black girl toddler

36. Patterned Cornrows with Top Knot Bun

Straight cornrows are fun, so imagine how exciting zig zag braids can be. Braid their hair into a high pony and add extensions to create a thick top knot bun. Include colored rubber bands and thread to complete the style.

little black girl braided hairstyle

37. Mini Stitch Braids with Beads

These stitch cornrows can also look cute on little girls. Make them kid-friendly by adding colorful beads. Secure her hair at night with a satin bonnet, so that the beads stay in place.

simple hairstyle for black kids

38. Stitch Braids with Twisted Ponytails

This double-braided ponytail hairstyle looks adorable on any 4-year-old. Accessorize it with some colorful beads and matching bubble hair ties.

cornrow hairstyle for black girl toddler

39. Heart Design Cornrows and Braided Top Knot

Get creative with your toddler’s hair by including heart-shaped braids. If their hair length can cover their face, this hairstyle keeps it protected and out of the way for up to four weeks.

simple hairstyle for 4 year old girls

40. Freestyle Cornrows with Two High Pigtails

Braiding your child’s hair into pigtails will guarantee each strand is secure. And adding a heart design and side part bangs makes this look even more stylish. Topped off with beads to last three to four weeks.

natural hairstyle for black kids