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40+ Hairstyles for Gorgeous Black Women Over 50

Maturing to age 50+ does not signal the end of fun flirty fashionable hair. Instead, 50 is the perfect time to embrace the daring long lengths, sassy short crops, and bold colors that a younger version of yourself might have overthought. By middle age grown women have the wisdom to know what looks great and the uninhibited curiosity to try something new. After all, it’s just hair! Long hair is longing to be cut and short hair always grows back!  And there are plenty of bundles for purchase if scissors and waiting aren’t your thing!

What hair length should a 50-year-old have?

Any length she desires! There are no rules about how a grown woman should express her personal style. When in doubt try it out with wigs, extensions, or filters. There is no reason to deny yourself the chance to look your absolute best.

Below you’ll find everything from waist length platinum blonde individuals to a clipper cut fade with precision line art. Each and every style is 50 plus perfection. Us grown women make our own rules. Enjoy!


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Lovely hairstyles you should wear for black women over 50

These pictures are all sourced online. To be credited for your personal picture, please contact me with the exact picture, and I’ll be sure to credit you. This post also contains affiliate links which means that I earn a small commission if you make a purchase with my link, at no additional cost to you.

1. Wavy Pixie

curly pixie cut black women

This classic quick weave takes just an hour or two to install and lasts up to a month. It’s a zero-commitment short style! Your natural hair lays braided down and protected under the wig cap, while the pre-cut pieces are glued into place for a grown and sexy short look.

2. Relaxed pixie

short pixie cut on natural hair

No muss no fuss short-wrapped styles are the perfect way to enjoy middle age. After decades of long, time-consuming hair-dos, a short relaxed pixie is serving “I woke up like this” fabulousness.

3. Salt and pepper natural

tapered hair cut on black women

Embracing the gray is an empowering moment in any woman’s life. Natural color and natural curls combined are a bold statement in celebrating black womanhood.

4. Naturally Graying TWA

curly buzz cut on natural hair

This short-cropped natural is wash-and-go approved. Keep grays bright with ageless shampoo and coax out waves and curls with a quick application of curl foam.

5. Short bleach-blonde

white blonde buzz cut on black women

Blondes have more fun. But make sure to have fun in the right order! This close-cut wrap is bone straight and platinum bright. Always relax first, bleach second, and ideally at least a month apart. Each chemical process can be damaging so giving hair time to recover is key. It may be worth it to find a professional to do this right.

6. Bleach blonde wash and go

low haircut for natural hair on black women

These short platinum waves are beach vacation ready. Feel free to get your hair wet at every opportunity.

7. Silver natural curls

taper haircut on natural hair of black women

Get natural curls poppin’ with curly magic and set into place with a firm holding gel under a hooded dryer.

8. Perfectly coiffed natural TWA

short curly natural hairstyle on black women

Ms. EGOT Viola is serving up natural 4c perfection. Curls and coils are all about moisture. Moisture equals WATER. Take the time in your shampoo routine to cleanse and fully saturate curls with water from root to tip. Rediscover your curl pattern with a clarifying shampoo that will lift weeks and months’ worth of product buildup that often weighs down natural curl patterns.

9. Curly silver sister locs

short sisterlocs hairstyle for black women

These short silver sister locs are a beautiful low-maintenance choice with versatile styling options. While day-to-day care is low maintenance, this look does require consistent upkeep with a professional, every 4-8 weeks.

10. Black and blonde fade

blonde taper haircut for black women

Playing around with color is super fun with short hair. The commitment can be brief, and easily cut away as hair growth demands fresh cuts. Tapered sides and faded lines ups are not just for “the boys.” A curl sponge or racket can help sculpt perfectly soft curls on top.

11. Relaxed waves

curls and wave pixie cut for black women

Layers of iron curls and perfectly formed face-framing baby hair styling is a classic mature woman style.

12. Auburn rod set curls

pin curls hairstyle for black women

Perm rods and setting foam go a long way. Be sure to set the look under a hooded dryer to help keep hair perfectly in place.

13. Red natural TWA

brown natural hairstyle on black women

A soft subtle taper with gradual red-brown ombre color can be best achieved with a professional’s help.

14. Precision cornrow to two-strand twist with Marley feed in

cornrows with two strand twists for black women

This short twisted bob incorporates kinky Marley hair on the ends of cornrowed and freestyle twisted sections. This adds volume and shape to the style.

15. Tapered salt and pepper TWA

high tapered haircut on black women

Tapered sides create height and volume to these short natural curls. Find a barber who can work with you and design the feminine short cut you desire.

16. Rod set on short relaxed hair

flexi rod set hairstyle on black women

wet set relaxed hair equals precise well defined perfectly spiralized hair.

17. Medium brown afro

afro hairstyle on black women

A full volume fro takes care and attention. Blow dry hair to stretch and unpack tight coils. Mist hair lightly for a controlled reversion. Add jojoba oil for shine and nourishment and pick and shape it into a perfect sphere.

18. Bleached and relaxed rod set curls

blonde pin curls on black women age 50+

Relax before bleaching to protect the health of your hair. Rod set relaxed hair always delivers a polished and precise look

19. Faded caesar with soft natural waves and line art design

fade haircut with  freestyle

This short natural hair cut is elevated with a precise lineup, blended tapered sides, and abrupt fade on either side of line art design

20. Flat twist up-do

flat twist hairstyle for black women age 50+

Natural two-strand twists stay put with Jam. The protective style is elegantly swooped into a soft updo that is work and weekend ready.


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21. Silver-gray natural

short hairstyle for black women

Gray-friendly shampoos can help to brighten silver hues, and neutralize yellow undertones.

22. Side-swept cornrows

protective hairstyle for black women

This flat twist design puts an up-do side swept spin on a protective style.

23. Curly TWA

natural afro gray hairstyle on black women

A twist out stretches natural hair as it dries giving short hair added length and dimension. Try a twisting cream for definition and moisture.

24. Middle part and half weave blend

hairstyles for black women over 50

The middle part is all the buzz here lately. A quick half-weave adds glamour and drama while maintaining the freedom and flexibility of having access to your natural hairline

25. Shoulder-length Cornrows

cornrows with single single braids hairstyle

Braided styles are always a crowd-pleaser from 15 to 50 plus. These short individuals were dipped at the ends for curly ends.

26. Silver-streaked short curly natural

defined curls for short natural hair on black women

Gray hair often grows in patches, especially in areas of frequent brushing, manipulation, and shedding. Some lucky ladies are blessed with a natural gray streak, in this case exactly where she likes to part her hair. Play it up and show it off with temporary silver hair paint to add some drama to nature’s silver streaks of wisdom.

27. Butterfly Faux Locs

short textured locs on black women

Faux locs are a bold and beautiful protective style. Wear them shoulder length or super long, the hair is super light and won’t weigh you down.

28. Curly braid out

short coiled hair on black women age over 50

Much like the twist out, the braid out stretches freshly washed hair as it dries, and helps to keep coils from fully reverting. Keep hair shiny and moisturized with a water-infusing hydration shampoo and conditioning system.

29. Upper and lower ponytail with braiding hair for volume

mohawk hair buns on black women

A simple ear-to-ear part with top and bottom ponytails is volumized with the addition of broad sections of braiding hair swirled and interconnected for a mother-of-the-bride-ready look.

30. 30 and 1B kanekalon bob

colored bob braids for black women

This kanekalon bob with face-framing red brown braids is a lighter-weight option to full-length braids. The sealed ends curl toward the face for a soft finished

31. Silver Senegalese twists

short-medium twists with curls on black women age over 50

Senegalese twists are available in every natural (and many unnatural) hair color. Freestyle twists help to thicken and lengthen otherwise thinning hair. Find a stylist who is careful to protect fragile hair from traction and stress damage.

32. Knotless Braids

copper box braids hairstyle for black women

Individuals are ageless and timeless. These red-brown braids are an easy way to flirt with hair color minus all the chemicals.

33. Blunt cut silver bob box braids

gray knotless bob hairstyle for black women over 50

Braiding hair makes it easy to celebrate your silver style without having to sacrifice your signature look. This blunt cut bob works just as well at 25 as it does at age 55.

34. Faux locs with an undercut

gray soft locs hairstyle on black women

Faux locs? Passion twist up-do? Either way, this undercut style is super cute, low maintenance, low weight, and high on style. The little gold hair charm is flirty and sweet

35. Honey Blonde Marley Twists

medium honey blonde twist for black women

These golden twists are giving fairytale high fashion. Goldilocks and Rapunzel would be jealous. Not all 50-year-old styles have to be silver, sometime you gotta go gold.

36. Jumbo feed in cornrows

all back stitch braids for black women over 50

A quick 7-9 cornrow installation is the go-to vacation hairstyle for black women coast to coast! A professional can throw these in, in about an hour, but your best friend can probably hook you up for free while you get hype for your annual girls’ trip.

This is yet another style that ages well and looks just as nice on Grandma as it does on her grandbabies. Pack a wrap scarf and edge control to keep your pool-ready hair neat the whole week long

37. Edgy bob box braids

bob braids hairstyle on black women

This kanekalon bob is a little spicier with a surprise undercut. Shaved sides equal faster braid installation and a quick takedown.

38. 613 long braids

long blonde braids for black women

Matching your natural hair to the braiding hair is not required, but it does add a little something special to the final look. Waist-length platinum individuals are super sexy and youthful. It’s giving hot Auntie vibes.

39. Long Marley twists

senegalese twist hairstyle for black women

Waist length extensions whether braided or twisted have the tendency to shave off years. Grandma who? These long silky twists are beautiful at any age.

40. 1B/30 Senegalese twists

medium twist braids for black women

Ultra-long twists pack in added versatility. They can be worn down, up high, half up half down, in space buns, or top and bottom ponytails.

41. Medium-length locs

protective hairstyle for black women over 50

Middle age often marks a time when years of considering locs finally become a reality. These medium-length locs have been freshly tightened and gathered in dense twisted sections to the left and right. Building a relationship with a loctician who knows your particular hair and scalp needs is critical in maintaining healthy luxurious locs.

42. Shoulder-length silver braids

boho knotless bob plaits for black women

Goddess braids combine all the protection and control of braided hair with all the wild and flirty sex appeal of natural curls. Matching braiding hair to natural hair, and feeding in minimal bundles helps to capture a more natural result.

43. Black and blue faux locs with wavy leave out

soft locs  with blue curls on black women

Disney has a whole new fan base with a their stunning Little BLACK mermaid coming soon to the silver screen. This look is under-the-sea inspired combining ocean-wavy hair and faux loc roots which adds to the beachy vibe. Tropical trip and movie premier approved.

44. Shoulder-length curly cornrows

cornrows hairstyle for black women

These small individuals are neat and professional with some added charm at the very curly ends. The fine precise braids will hold up against frizz better than larger sectioned braids.

45. Fluffy blonde two-strand twists

blonde twist hairstyle on black women

Going temporarily blonde with fluffy extensions can save your hair the potential stress and damage that can come with bleaching and color matching. It’s a safe way to try out a drastic color change before making a major styling decision.

Ravishing hairstyles for Black women age over 50