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6 Kids Natural Hair Care Websites for AfroMoms

(Last Updated On: January 26, 2015)
Although there are more resources out there for adults with natural hair, there are also many websites out there for moms with kids who have natural hair. Although the technique required for afro-textured hair is similar across all ages, the temperament and growing nature of kids can make caring for their hair to be a bit more challenging. While an adult can sit through 4hours of mini twists, a whole day of wash day and daily manipulation, a child might have better things to do with herself than all the time the mother would like to spend on hair grooming.
Below are 5 websites managed by moms who have been very successful with caring for their children’s hair. It’s important to know that these mothers started from scratched and with the help of research and trial and error, they’ve been able to grow their children’s hair long and enjoy the learning process.

1. DiscoveringNatural: A mother with two daughters with healthy long Natural hair. Sola has a YouTube channel where she gives tutorials on hair care and styling tips. She is also an author on this site where she shares her knowledge on healthy hair care. Please click here to read her posts on #afrokids hair care.

DiscoveringNatural with Big Sis and Lil Sis

2. Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care: A Caucasian mother with an adopted Black child who is super creative and gentle with her daughter’s hair

Her mom calls her “Boo”

 3. Little Girls Hairstyle: A Facebook page with many creative ideas on cute hairstyles for children.

Abi Jorje shares on little girls hairstyle

4. Beads, Braids and Beyond: This blog has everything you could possibly need to get started on kids haircare. From tutorials to style pictures, product recommendations and healthy hair tips. This is also a great website for moms with mixed kids, although she (the mom) features kids from all backgrounds on her site and Facebook page.
5. Curlz.wegotkidz is a page managed by Kesha Philips, a mother of fraternal twins in which one is a girl with tail bone long hair already! Kesha has detailed information on caring for your child’s hair so it can retain moisture longer and grow long.
6. Natural Hair Kids is a website with a plethora of resources on children’s hair care. They are also active on social media where they post pictures of kids natural hairstyles daily. What I like about this website is that they feature hundreds of kids with awesome hair, which creates a network for other moms to connect with for more information.
All of these websites have Facebook fan pages which you could join to stay up to date on children’s natural hair community and be inspired by pictures posted by other moms who have managed to hone their natural hair care and styling skills. 
Are there other active websites out there where mothers can visit for information on kids hair care? Please list them in the comment box below, Thank You. 

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