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Scalp Oil 1: Anti-Itch Lavender Scalp Oil/Growth Oil

(Last Updated On: December 9, 2017)

As we all know, a healthy scalp yields healthy hair which has the potential to grow long if taken care of properly. To combat scalp issues, sometimes what’s needed is a topical application to help enhance the natural oil production of the scalp and supplement any insufficient oil production.

So instead of washing one’s scalp every time you feel an itch, you can simply apply an oil mixture with anti-fungal properties which will kill any fungus on the scalp that is causing the itchiness.

This recipe not only has anti-fungal properties in it, the jojoba and castor oils in the mixture has growth properties in them which helps regulate the scalp’s natural oil production, allowing healthy hair strands to germinate from the scalp.

In an applicator bottle, combine:
6 tbsp jojoba oil,
2 tbsp castor oil,
3 drops peppermint oil, 
2 drops lavender oil, 
3 drops tea tree oil 
*The measurement can be adjusted to suit your needs* 
Apply on scalp after cleansing it and as often as needed during the week, making sure to massage it in.
Please note that this oil mixture will only work best on a clean scalp, so make sure you don’t apply it on scalp which is dirty and has build up. 

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