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Download: Seven Days Natural Hair Moisture Retention Regimen

When it comes to tackling dry hair, you’ll need a consistent natural hair moisture retention regimen that you can follow.

Regardless of the time and effort, you spent deep conditioning your hair on wash days, your hair might still feel dry all week!

Instead of hopping back into the shower to start the process all over again, I have created a 7-days moisture retention regimen that will help to ensure that your hair stays soft in-between wash days.

This simple 7-day plan helps to keep your hair soft all week long so that breakage is minimized and you’ll be able to grow your hair longer and softer.

In this 7-Day Moisture Retention Regimen, I will take you through a simple daily process, to show you how to keep your hair moisturized all week. I also recommend a natural hairstyle that guarantees MAXIMUM moisture retention all week.

If you follow this regimen week-by-week, you’ll be able to grow your hair longer because breakage will be minimized.

natural hair moisture retention regmen