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Protein-Moisture Balance in 4c Hair | Cue Cards


Your hair is mostly made up of keratin protein which has a large contribution to how your hair looks and feels, in other words, your hair texture. When the protein bonds are not in a good shape, you can expect dry, brittle hair that consistently breaks. However, when the protein bonds are in good health, your hair can look and feel the way you want it to.

Your hair’s protein level also plays a big role in how your hair takes in moisture. This means that if your hair is lacking in protein, then moisture retention can be a BIG problem, regardless of the number of products that you use in your hair.

This is why in my cue card e-book, I talk about the following key points:
– How permanent hair colors affects your hair’s protein balance
– How to create a protein-moisture balanced regimen
– When to apply protein treatments in your hair and why your hair needs a protein treatment
– Products and techniques to keep your hair balanced

After reading these cue cards, your hair should:
– Have more elasticity and have more shine
– Feel more moisturized and stronger


(Last Updated On: December 21, 2020)

This e-book contains tip #324-345 of my 365 Daily Natural Hair E-Book. Check out the rest of the e-book in the series for comprehensive natural hair knowledge.

Bonuses Included in this e-book include:

5 DIY Natural Hair Products Recipes: It has 5 different hair recipes you can make at home to deep condition and care for your hair at home.

Natural Hair Checklists: It lists out tools and products needed to care for your natural hair.


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