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Natural Hair Porosity 101 for 4c Hair


If you’ve ever wondered what hair porosity is and why it’s talked about a lot, you’re in for a treat! In my e-book, I explain how knowing your hair porosity contributes to moisture retention and what it means for dry, brittle hair.

Here are some of the tips you can look forward to learning in my e-book:
* How aggressive detangling can increase your hair’s porosity
* The right and scientific way to determine your hair porosity
* Why the popular water float method is not an accurate way to test your hair porosity
* Why it’s important that you choose hair products that will keep your porosity balanced

Bonuses Included in this e-book include:

5 DIY Natural Hair Products Recipes: It has 5 different hair recipes you can make at home to deep condition and care for your hair at home.

Natural Hair Checklists: It lists out tools and products needed to care for your natural hair.


(Last Updated On: December 22, 2020)

This e-book contains tip # 346-357 from my 365 daily natural hair tips e-guide. Don’t forget to come back to get the rest of the e-books in this series.


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