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Natural Hair Products 101 | Cue Cards


Are you still on a hunt for the perfect hair product? Not happy about your product junkiness status? Don’t understand why your hair needs certain types of hair products?
Are you looking for a hair product that will speed up hair growth and keep your hair moisturized indefinitely?

The truth is that most hair products are only formulated to addresses key hair issues.

So if you’re new to natural hair and want to learn more about the importance of key hair products and why you need them, you need to read this eBook because I will be sharing the following key points.

– Why you need to choose products based on your hair needs instead of popular reviews
– Why your hair product might stop working based on the season
– Why it’s ok to experiment with different hair products
– Why you might need to use a product more than once
– Three basic products your hair really needs

After implementing the tips in the cue cards, your hair should:
– Retain more length and grow at its normal rate
– Be able to hold on to moisture for a longer period of time
– Look and feel the way it’s supposed to


(Last Updated On: December 21, 2020)

Remember to check out the other e-books in the “Natural Hair Tips Series” as this eBook only contains tip #65-83 from my 365 Daily Natural Hair Tips Series.

Bonuses Included in this e-book include:

5 DIY Natural Hair Products Recipes: It has 5 different hair recipes you can make at home to deep condition and care for your hair at home.

Natural Hair Checklists: It lists out tools and products needed to care for your natural hair.


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