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Trimming Your Natural Hair and Split Ends For Growth | Cue Cards


I know you want long healthy hair, but did you know that trimming your hair regularly can help it grow faster?

In these cue cards, you will learn:
– How trimming your hair regularly helps to speed up hair growth and length retention
– How to create a hair trimming schedule and how to tell when your hair needs a trim
– How to trim your hair yourself or with the help of a professional
– Why it’s crucial for you to maintain a regular hair trimming schedule

After reading my e-book:
– You will have less hair breakage
– Your hair will look and feel much nicer
– Your hair will feel less painful when you comb it
– You will retain more hair length and your hair will grow faster


(Last Updated On: December 21, 2020)

This e-book series contains hair tip #211-220 from my 365 natural hair tips series. Be sure to get the other e-books in this series for well rounded natural hair knowledge.

Bonuses Included in this e-book include:

5 DIY Natural Hair Products Recipes: It has 5 different hair recipes you can make at home to deep condition and care for your hair at home.

Natural Hair Checklists: It lists out tools and products needed to care for your natural hair