Spice up your TWA with these 7 Natural Hairstyles

(Last Updated On: December 9, 2017)

Thanks to Lupita Nyongo’o we now know that a TWA doesn’t have to be boring. The number of ways you style your hair is all dependent on how creative you are and how much time you have to spend on your hair on a daily or weekly basis. So if you’re tired of the typical wash n go, mini fro and mini puff hairstyles, you can try these styles below.

1. Fro Hawk: You can either do this on freshly washed hair or you could stretch you hair overnight in flat twists for a more stretched and defined look. You can also accessorize the style with a flower or any other hair accessory of your choice.

2. Finger Coils: This hairstyle is a bit more time consuming but the effort is worth it. Finger coils can last up to a week, to freshen up your style in the morning, you only need to lightly spritz it and use your fingers to fluff up the coils.

 3. Finger Coil Out: For a fuller look, you can separate the coils after a few days and wear it in as many ways as you like. To freshen the style, simply spritz it in the morning using your leave-in mix. 

4. Flat Twists: Depending on your hair length, You could flat twist a small portion of your hair for a fun look.

5.  Flat Twist Outs: For a defined and stretched look, simply flat twist your hair and take it out after a significant length of time.

6. Mini Coils: If your hair isn’t long enough to try any of the styles above, you can define your coils by gentling rubbing a soft boar bristle brush on your hair in a circular motion. You can also create a side part or use a head band to play up this style.

7. Accessories: If you’re pressed for time but still want to change up your style in as little time as possible, you could use an accessory such as a head band or scarf to change things up. Again, the number of styles you get out of your accessories is all dependent on your level of creativity.

How do you wear your TWA?

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