(Last Updated On: September 27, 2014)
Natural Hair
By DiscoveringNatural

Frizz…frizz…frizz. With the summer here, frizz has dominated all our styles and we all need ways to fight against the frizz. A quick disclaimer…
Frizz is part of Natural Hair. Although there are ways to control it for a while, frizz always wins.

With that being said, here are some ways to fight against Frizz.

Products that Contribute to Frizz
There are some products that are known to create frizz and there are products that we can use in reducing the frizz. Many naturals have found that products high in glycerin can create frizz and puffiness in children’s hairstyle because of this fact:

For the purpose of providing moisture to your hair, glycerin will attract the moisture in the air and bring it into your hair. Since moisture is more in the summer, this works well IF YOU WANT MOISTURE PULL INTO YOUR HAIR. However, introducing moisture-inducing agent to a style like twistout and braidout will cause your hair to be frizzy even if it feels moisturized. The way I think of it is like this, do I want moisture and then embrace the frizz? If I do not want the frizz, then I stay away from the glycerin when styling my hair. 

Styling Options
There are some styles that show more frizz than others. “Out Styles” such as twistout, braidout, bantu knot out and flat twist out will get frizzy quicker than “Protective Styles” such as cornrows, threading, braids.  When you decided to do your child’s hair, take note of this. The out styles will need more maintenance than the protective styles when it comes to controlling the frizz. Styles like puffs and buns only need minimum frizz control along the edges. This can be resolved by applying non-alcoholic gel and tying down the hair with a scarf for at least 10 minutes.

What can help
I have found that using products that do not contain glycerin helps. However, if you have a product that contains glycerin, make sure that this ingredient is not listed as the first five ingredients. After moisturizing the hair, use a non-alcoholic styling gel. This provides hold and helps minimize the frizz. Prior to going outside, tame the frizz by tying down a scarf onto your child’s head.

How do you control the frizz in your child’s Natural Hair?