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TMC Answers: Split Ends and Where to cut them off

(Last Updated On: August 15, 2014)
You snip just ABOVE the split ends, Jc of Natural Haven

The question asked at the meet up was “When trimming split ends, should I cut just above the split or right at the split?”

Answer: You have to cut just above the split so that the ends will be completely smooth and free of a splitted end. Cutting just at the point where the split ends will not provide any benefit to the health of your hair because the hair strand will continue to split, resulting in a splitting end.

This same person also asked the question “What if I can’t see the split ends”

Answer: The truth is, I can’t even see the split ends myself except its on a hair strand which has been shedded or broken off. I also can’t feel split ends because each hair strand is too tiny to be able to feel them.
So you just have to assume that the split ends will always be there as its something that can’t be completely eliminated.
 External disturbances from the environment, regular manipulation and product applications all reduces the number of layers of our hair cuticles, resulting in thinning ends which is suceptible to splitting and breakage. This is why it’s recommended to get a trim every 3months so that you can snip off the vulnerable ends which serves no purpose to the health of your hair and can be destructive. This is because the extrememly fine (thin) splitting ends are so thin that they can easily wrap around neighbouring healthy strands and become so tangled that you’ll have to cut off the chunk of hair.
 In other words, split ends which are not trimmed off will not allow you to achieve maximum length retention as it will do its very best to bring the healthy hair strands down with it.

How do you trim your split ends and how often do you trim them?

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