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The Best 15 Tools for Kids Natural Hair Care

(Last Updated On: November 3, 2019)

It just occurred to me that we haven’t provided you with a list of hair tools needed to get your child started on a healthy hair journey. Aside from products and techniques used on the hair, the tools we use on our kids hair is also very important because the wrong choice of tools can make hair styling painful for your child and yourself as the parent. And so to ensure that our little ones don’t associate hair days with pain and that they retain most of the hair that grows out of their scalp, please make sure that you have these listed tools at home. The good thing is that these tools can be purchased from your local beauty supply store at affordable prices.

Some of the tools I have on hand
So, what are the tools needed?

1. Rat tail Comb – For parting the hair
2. Soft Boar Bristle Brush – For the occasional buns and puffs
3. Spray Bottle – Spritz product into the hair during detangling, styling and regular style maintenance
4. Hair Ornaments – the amount or types of ornaments you choose is all up to you. I will suggest giving your child the freedom to child choose the accessories she wants, this will build up an excitement for the next hair day. Examples of hair accessories are bows, ribbon, barrettes, beads, head bands, e.t.c.
5. Bobby Pins – to securely hold up styles
6. Hair Clips – to hold hair in place while styling
7. Wide Tooth Comb: for detangling, remember to comb starting from the tips and gradually work your way down to the roots.
8. Mirror – In case your little one wants to check the hairstyle as you go along
9. Camera – To take pictures of every hairstyle for her own personal style book, which she can go back to in the future in case she wants to have her favourite hairstyles redone. Kids these days like to take pictures of themselves and so this will be a fun thing for them to do after every hair style.

10. Satin Bonnet – To keep those hair in place at night
11. Shower Cap – To protect the hair from getting wet while she takes her shower
12. Hair (Micro Fiber) Towel or T-shirt – To dry the hair after washing it

Optional Tools, these tools are not compulsory but they are nice to have.
13. *Blow Dryer: For quick drying on days you’re short on time, but it’s best to do the hair at night so the style can dry overnight.
14. Movies, Books, Games and other sorts of distractions
15. Style book or Kids Hairstyle folder on your computer where you and/or your child can pick the next hairstyle she’d like to wear.

*Pictures all takes from Pintrest, please tag if you know the source.

What other hair tools do you use on your child’s hair?


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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