TOP 5 Tools For Your Natural Hair

(Last Updated On: December 9, 2017)


TOP 5 tools For Your Natural HairAside from hair products, another thing to add to your shopping list are tools for your natural hair. While a hair tool will not speed up hair growth or make your hair soft, they can however make or break your hair! If used properly, a hair tool can help to improve the texture of your hair, increase length retention and speed up your hair routine.

The great thing about natural hair tools is that unlike hair products, hair tools are much more affordable and are also long-lasting, which means that you can use them for many years to come!

So, here are 5 essential tools that you absolutely need to add to your natural hair stash.

1. Combs


This includes large tooth combs for detangling, rat-tail combs for parting your hair for a hairstyle and even brushes for that sleek and polished look.

To be on a safe side, please avoid cheap dollar store combs. I like purchasing my combs from companies such as Goody that specializes in hair tools.

2. Hair Tieshair tie

Depending on your hair length and thickness, you would often want to put your hair in a simple bun or puff. I often opt for black hair ties because they blend with my hair color and I don’t have to worry about covering them up.

To be on a safe side, please avoid hair ties with metal strings, as those can get caught in your hair, thus, causing unnecessary breakage.

3. Satin Bonnets

71zbCR0bzQL._SX522_Due to the nature of our hair, a mere hair net will not give your hair the protection that it needs while you sleep at night, especially if you happen to be an active sleeper.

To be on a safe side, make sure that the elastic band in your satin bonnet is not too tight or uncomfortable. To avoid headaches and discomforts at night, opt for head covers that has a stretchy band, instead of one of those white rubber bands.

4. Spray bottle spray bottle This is probably one of the cheapest hair tool that can last you years! They are also lightweight enough for you to take them with you on a trip. Spritz bottles are great for shortening the LOC method routine, because you can mix the liquid, oil and cream together in a bottle, shake it together and spritz it in your hair as often as needed. To be on a safe side, make sure that you use a bottle brush with a warm soapy water to thoroughly wash your spray bottle before pouring a new mix into it. You can also use a warm soapy water to wash out the straw portion of the spray pump. 5. Bobby Pins bobby If you have short hair, bobby pins would be your favorite styling tool! You can transform your look from a fro-hawk to a cinna-bun, to a tuck and pin or to an up-do with just a few bobby pins. To be on a safe side, make sure that you throw out any bobby pins with sharp edges or rusted parts. [Tweet “What other hair tools do you use in your natural hair? via @coilsandglory”]TOP 5 TOOLS THAT YOU’LL NEED FOR YOUR NATURAL HAIR

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