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40 Stylish Undercut and Shaved Sides Hairstyles on Black women That Look Classy

Hairstyles come in many shapes and sizes but when it comes to a look that screams edgy and cool, undercut hairstyles are always the go-to choice. With their shaved edges and tapered cuts, undercuts styles are to fall in love with. They give your hairdo a bold and confident vibe, and the best thing about them is that can be made into a variety of different styles ranging from braids, twists, locs and cornrows.

Whether you’re looking for a fun look to test out in the summer or you’re simply looking to switch up the entire vibe of your hairdos, up ahead, I’ve put together some fun, show-stopping undercut hairstyles that’ll have you rushing to your stylist for a cut.

How Do I Maintain My Undercut Hairstyle?

You maintain undercut hairstyles the same way you would any other protective style. You need to sleep with a bonnet or silk scarf to protect the style from frizz while applying some moisturizer to the hair once or twice a week. If you intend to leave the style for longer than a month, you may need to reshave the shaved sections if your hair grows fast.

Do I Have To Cut My Hair for An Undercut Style?

Technically to achieve an undercut hairstyle, you would typically need to cut or shave some parts of your hair. However, it does not have to be a complete shave or cut.

In fact, you can try a faux undercut style by sleeking down the sides of the hair with some gel or tightly cornrowing the nape of the hair to create the illusion of an undercut if you absolutely do not want to cut your hair. Here is a video to give you some ideas on how to achieve a faux undercut below

How Long Do Undercut Hairstyles Last?

Like most protective styles, undercut hairstyles will typically last about 4-8 weeks, depending on how well you maintain and care for the hair.

Creative Undercut and Shaved Sides Hairstyles You Should Try!


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1. Braided Mohawk With Star Design

double star undercut on black women

One of the best ways to hop on the undercut braid trend is to add some personality to it and with the cute star pattern on this look that’s exactly what you’ll be doing.

2. Box Braids With Fade

classy undercut on black women

If you prefer a more subtle undercut look that still lets you show off the length of your braids you can opt for a style like this. Just be sure to choose a good shade of blonde hair extensions to complement your skin tone.

3. Twists With Zig-Zag Undercut

simple lines undercut hairstyle

If you’re looking for a style that will make your undercut take center stage, this style might just be what you need. The zig-zag shaved pattern grabs attention while the loose twists create a surprisingly cute frizzy look.

4. Locs With Nape Undercut

undercut design on black women

If you’re a fan of colored locs and have been looking for a way to take them to the next level, this undercut style will give you all the inspiration you need. It is a very versatile style you can make with faux locs or natural locs.

5. Burgundy Braids With Shaved Sides

box braids with undercut design

Undercut braids are all about making a statement and for an intricate look you can pair with different outfits this cool pattern should definitely be on your radar.

6. Locs With Fade Cut

shaved side haircuts for black women

If you have locs and need a fun way to jazz them up for an upcoming occasion, then tie them up in a bun and incorporate a curved pattern undercut like this.

7. Curly Ponytail With Undercut

aztec undercut design for black hair

Want to rock a chic hairdo with some edge to your next night out or party? You should definitely give this curly ponytail look a try. You can add some curly human hair to the ends of the ponytail to increase the length.

8. Feed-in Braids With Undercut

box braid hairstyle with undercut

Although undercut braids are already fun on their own, you can add an extra dose of fun by incorporating a mix of different colors. A combination of pink, white, and brown braiding hair will work to create a style that exudes nothing but fun vibes.

9. Jumbo Braids With Heart Undercut

cornrow hairstyle with purple highlights

If you want a style that saves you time in the saloon chair, jumbo braids like these are the ideal choice for you. You can add some hair cuffs to jazz them up.

10. Locs With Nape Undercut

faux locs with undercut

This cute nape undercut design is the perfect way to give your faux locs a different look if you’re not up for a dramatic cut.

11. Box Braids With Tapered Cut

gray box braid hairstyle with undercut

If you’re a fan of box braids, you can make them look way cooler by including a tapered undercut. Style them with some hoop earrings, and you’ve got a chic and bold look that is sure to gain your some compliments.

12. Curly Bun With Triangle Undercut

undercut design on black women

If you have long curly hair and want a style that saves you the stress of pulling the back section into a bun, this triangle undercut might just be what you need.

13. Locs With Shaved Sides

faux locs bob with shaved side

Want a style that stands out from the crowd? Give this bold locs with patterned shaved sides a try.

14. Micro Braids With Flame Fade Cut

box braid with fade haircut

These dreamy micro box braids with their side addition of a flame-shaped undercut are one style that is sure to turn heads and stand out from the crowd.

15. Mohawk Faux Locs With Shaved Sides

faux locs haistyle with wave undercut

If you’re looking for an undercut style with some fullness and volume, you’ll love these mohawk-style faux locs. Pair the look with a nude lip and bold hoop earrings and you’re sure to turn heads in any room you walk into.

16. Jumbo Cornrows With Nape Undercut

cornrow hairstyle with undercut for black women

If you want a fairly simple braided updo but would like to up the ante with some undercut patterns then this style is definitely for you.

17. Stitch Cornrows With Undercut

cornrow with fade undercut

This cute undercut braids style is perfect for anyone who is a fan of long braids. You can tie it in a ponytail or wrap it into a bun whenever you feel like it.

18. Box Braids With Tapered Sides

box braid with simple side shaved

If you prefer an undercut that isn’t completely bare, you can opt for a style like this with slightly long hairs smooth down with a gel.

19. Brown Box Braids With Shaved Sides

box braid hairstyle with shaved side

This is another classic braided updo you can rock with just about any outfit and the brown braiding hair used here will look incredible on any skin tone.

20. Top Bun Locs With Fade

top knot faux locs with fade haircut

Styling your locs into a top bun is always a classy look but if you want to add a bit of drama to the style don’t hesitate to opt for a Z-shaped shaped undercut like this.


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Attractive Undercut and Shaved-sides haircut for Black Women

21. Undercut Loc With Heart Shape

trendy undercut for black women

Who says an undercut can’t be feminine and romantic? This cute combo of locs and a heart-shaped side shave is a look that is both feminine and edgy.

22. Ombre Box Braids With Undercut

gray ombre triange part braids

Love combining colors when styling your hair? Ombre braids with a side attraction of a crisscross undercut shave are the look for you.

23. Ombre Twists With Shaved Sides

simple fade undercut on black women

If you still want the ombre look but prefer twists, here’s another color combo you’ll love.

24. Jumbo Locs With Fade Hairstyle

faux locs with shaved side

Chunky and colorful locs like these with a fade cut are a lovely look for anyone who wants some volume with their undercut look.

25. Undercut Locs With Curly Ends

faux locs hairstyle with shaved sides

Looking to style your undercut locs with a fancy dress? You can curl the ends to give them a feminine touch and when you want them out of the way you can easily pull them into a bun.

26. Micro Twists With Flower Shaped Undercut

flower fade cut on braided hair

A fiery red mini twist style like this is only made better with the shaved sides and when you get a talented barber to shave it into a cute flower pattern, you’ll look all more stunning.

27. Side Shave Box Braids

top knot box braid hairstyle

Want an undercut braid style with a mix of different shades? Try a combination of black, brown, and chocolate braiding hair to achieve this trendy look.

28. Ombre Locs With Nape Undercut

faux locs hairstyle with undercut

These red ombre locs are a cute style that is sure to look amazing however you style them. You’ll need to put them into a bun to show off the design of the nape undercut.

29. 4b Hair Pigtails With Undercut

lotus undercut on short hair

Want a simple style that will only require your natural hair? A cute pigtail and undercut combo like this may just be what you’re looking for. You can dye the ends of your hair to add to the fun.

30. Medium Box Braids With Undercut Style

simple undercut design on braided hairstyles

This is the ideal style for anyone who wants something subtle. You can show off the undercut or let your braids down to cover it up.

31. Female Cornrows With Undercut

feed in braids with undercut

Stitch braids are a dreamy style you can never go wrong with and here they are made only cooler with the cool pattern of undercut at the nape.

32. Braided Bun Undercut

green box braids with undercut on black women

If you want an intricate and artistic statement-making undercut style, this cute blue braids combo is definitely something you’ll love.

33. Curly Hair Type 3 Hair With Undercut

mermaid scale undercut on natural hair

Looking for a low-maintenance way to style your curls? Try getting the back section shaved into a cool pattern like this and you’ll be stunned at how cute it turns out.

34. Mini Locs With Nape Undercut

micro faux locs with shaved heart

This is another subtle undercut style perfect for those who want something simple. A catchy tint of red and a heart-shaped close shave is all you need.

35. Knotless Braids With Undercut

box braids hairstyle with undercut design for black women

If you prefer knotless braids, then you’ll be glad to know you can also rock them with a bit of edge as done in this undercut style.

36. Invisible Locs With Colored Undercut

freestyle undercut for female

These invisible locs and their eye-catching and curvy undercut are a stunning style that is sure to look good on anyone.

37. Top Bun Box Braids With Undercut

top bun box braid hairstyle

If you’re looking for a classy and simple updo you can wear on special occasions while exuding some confidence, these cute box braids with nape undercut are the perfect option for you.

38. Curly Updo With Pattern Undercut

high burgundy hair puff

There’s just something chic and sexy about this fluffy top bun. From the burgundy shade of hair to the irresistible lines in the undercut. It is simply a style that will make you look flawless in every outfit. You can try it with your natural hair or use an afro hair puff.

Elegant Haircut and Hairstyles for Black Women!


The main thing to keep in mind about undercut hairstyles is that they are an evergreen look that will always exude coolness and never go out of fashion. Given that they come in different designs and cuts ranging from intricate and artistic to simple and classy, you’ll never be short of options to choose from. So, if you’re looking for a hair-inspo to take to your next salon appointment, be sure to pick some of the chic and edgy undercut styles in this post.