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Washing Your Child’s Natural Hair

By DiscoveringNatural

When it comes to washing your child’s hair, you have three choices. You can either choose to wash the hair with a shampoo (sulfate or sulfate-free) or with a  or an alternative method.

Using Shampoo
Washing with a shampoo can quite drying to natural hair. This is because “sulfate” shampoos are known to strip all the dirt, build up and natural oils from the hair. The dryness can lead to breakage. Opting for a less harsh type of shampoo is advisable.  Sulfate-free shampoo are less stripping and have the capability of doing the necessary cleansing that needs to be done.

Using Conditioners
There are so many different types that can be used to cleanse natural hair. Finding the right one is both trial and error. Conditioners designated to cleansing are usually labeled as “co-wash” conditioners. These conditioners contain ingredients that not only soften the hair, but also cleanses the hair.  Note that co-wash conditioners will not produce as much foam or suds at all.  For children’s hair, doing a co-wash will help keep the hair from getting to dry, and also cleanse the hair. It is however advisable to do at least a monthly cleansing with either a shampoo or alternative cleansing method. This is to remove anything that the conditioner did not get rid of. To learn more about Conditioners, click HERE.

Using Alternative Methods
If you are feeling adventurous, you can try these other types of methods of cleansing your child’s hair:

How do I wash my Child’s Hair?
Washing children’s hair can be quite overwhelming. Using the following guidelines has helped me turn a tearful day into a happy one.

  • Wash the hair in sections
  • If washing in the tub, provide child with some form of distraction; bath toys, towels, dolls.
  • Play music

Setting the mood with music has been a godsend. When you wash the hair in sections, you are able to properly see the scalp and avoid major tangles. As you wash one section, twist or braid that section before you tackle the other sections. After each section has been washed thoroughly, rinse with lukewarm water.

What method do you use when washing your child’s hair?